Are you currently pregnant and serving in the military? Depending on your situation you may be wondering how you are going to make it all work-your lifestyle, your relationship, raising a child etc. For the women who decide they want to parent, there are ways to make it work, but what about for those who don’t want to go through with an abortion?

Tanya became pregnant after serving her first two years. The relationship with the civilian did not pan out as expected and she could not afford to be a single mother. She had already had an abortion at 15 and it wasn’t something she could handle again. Instead she chose a family to raise the child.

With open adoption she was able to decide the lifestyle she wanted for her son. She found a family that would love him unconditionally and help him go to college. She was still a part of his life with visits and photos and he is growing up proud knowing that his mother is serving his country. Visit www.OpenAdoption.com to learn more about how open adoption works.

If you are pregnant and unsure about the best choice for you and your child, consider adoption as a possibility. It is a choice that can offer the best of both worlds: for you to continue your successful career, while giving your child the gift of life and family.

As for Tanya, she continues to serve overseas and has plans to finish college when her tour of duty is complete. On her last visit state side, she spent time with her son and his family and enjoyed seeing that he is growing into quite a successful young man.

For more information about the wonderful and loving families available, visit USAadoption.com.

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