Being in the military can be an exciting and adventurous life. But an unplanned pregnancy may not work well into your current lifestyle. In fact, pregnancy and the military is often a very tricky pair of circumstances.

The military has rules about whom you can associate with. If you have become pregnant by a man that, according to the military’s code, you were not suppose to be intimate with, you could be in a very sticky situation. But no matter who the father of your child is, you need help with an unplanned pregnancy. The military has a hard time providing that help for you. There are resources for you that specialize in helping enlisted women with adoption and helping them get back on their feet.

There are many circumstances that make pregnancy in the military difficult. But no matter why it is difficult for you, you will want to get some advice and help in your options. USA Adoption specializes in military adoption services. It does not matter where you live in the United States, they can help you find and select a loving adoptive family to adopt your baby. You can choose to stay in touch after the adoption through open adoption planning.

Being pregnant is a scary time in your life. Being stationed away from home and away from your loved ones can be stressful. There are many things to deal with and many questions you may have. Maybe you are considering keeping the baby or maybe you know you would like to place the baby with an adoptive family. There are options for you and plenty of support. To get answers to your questions today, you can call
1-800-923-6784, 24 hours a day.

As an expectant birth mother, you will be able to look through each waiting adoptive family’s portfolio and read all about them. You will be able to see glimpses inside their life right now and see if you think the family might be right for your baby. Then, when you are ready, you might even decide to talk with the family.

Open adoption is becoming more and more popular for birth mothers today. There are many different levels of open adoption contact. You can decide to have limited contact and just read about the family and decide if they are right to parent your baby. This option is sometimes not enough for birth mothers, so they choose an even more open arrangement with on-going contact; letters, photos and emails exchanged through the child’s life.

As the birth mother, you can decide how open you would like the adoption to be. Then you can look for adoptive parents that are willing to work with you on your level. See OpenAdoption.com and Stand by me Adoption for more articles and help. It is not unusual for birth mothers to continue contact with the adoptive family through letters and pictures for years after the adoption. You can decide with the adoptive family you choose what level of openness is going to work for your situation. Remember there is no cost to you and you can select the adoptive parents when you are ready. Expenses are covered in most adoptions.

An unplanned pregnancy in the military or any other time can be very overwhelming. If you need help, visit USA Adoption or call
1-800-923-6784, 24 hours a day to get answers to your questions or you can visit Lifetime Adoption to get help today. Live Chat is also available to you on these sites.

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