free prenatal yoga videos.jpgYou might remember that last week, we shared about 5 Prenatal Yoga Poses You Need to Know. Today, we’re expanding on the topic of prenatal yoga and giving info about where you can go to find FREE prenatal yoga videos!

There are so many sites out there offering free prenatal yoga videos!

Here are a few of our favorite yoga for pregnant women classes:

Prenatal Yoga Center has three longer classes, targeted to help your back pain, open up your hips, and assist in shoulder/chest opening.

Prenatal Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster is quick 18-minute yoga video that should leave you soothed and stretched. This yoga routine isn’t intense; it’s easygoing and relaxing. It requires pillows for support, so get them out ahead of time.

Prenatal Vinyasa Flow gives you simple, easy-to-follow instruction on the yoga poses. In the video are two pregnant women: one is performing the poses at an intermediate level and the other at a more beginner’s pace.

Prenatal Yoga Routine with Lara Dutta is very relaxing, balancing, and centering video. Commenters on her video have shared that their pain seemed to just vanish after doing this routine, and their mood swings had reduced!

Prenatal Yoga 101 explains how you can benefit from yoga during pregnancy, like improved sleep, less anxiety, and fewer aches and pains. The girl leading the video also gives you some yoga do’s and don’ts. So, if you’re totally new to yoga, you can feel comfortable before starting.

Daily Burn’s Beautiful Belly offers an online training service that has an excellent video series on prenatal yoga classes. They have videos customized for each of the three different trimesters of pregnancy. AND, there are some fabulous workouts you can do after you deliver.

Heidi Keefer
Written by Heidi Keefer

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