Did you know that most college women don’t have accurate information about all of their unplanned pregnancy choices?

college_womanWhen choosing adoption:

  • They can receive help with living expenses, food, and pregnancy related expenses like clothing during their pregnancy.
  • They can choose the adoptive parents, meet and speak with them prior to giving birth, and continue contact after the adoption.
  • They are in control of their customized adoption plan, as well as their birth plan at the hospital.
  • They are eligible for college scholarships exclusively for women who have completed an adoption.
  • They are proud that they were able to make a responsible decision in the best interest of their child.
“I never expected to have to make a choice like this, but I’m so glad I did.
I get to see my son grow up happy and healthy, with the life I wish I could give him. And I am completing my dream of become a nurse. 
It wasn’t easy, but it is a decision I am proud of!”
–Angelina K., Class of 2016
and Lifetime Adoption Foundation Scholarship Recipient

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