If you live with your parents and just found out you’re pregnant, you’re probably freaking out right now. Breaking the news to them can be hard. Here’s a short video that shares some tips on how to tell your parents you’re pregnant:

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pregnant and living with parents.jpgFirst off, you need to be real with yourself. Could you support your baby on your own? Does the father of your baby know you’re pregnant? Do you think he’d be able to help out? And, are you ready to devote your life to being a mom? If the answer is no, look at your other choices. Adoption is a way to give your child the lifestyle you want for them. 

Unsure how to tell your parents you’re pregnant? As hard as it may be, sit your parents down and tell them your situation, and plans.  You could say something like, “I have something difficult to tell you. I just found out I’m pregnant.” Then, wait and allow your news to sink in for your parents. It’s a good idea to consider what you might do and how you may feel. For example, if your mom or dad starts yelling at you, prepare yourself so you can keep the conversation level and fight the urge to yell back.

If you decide to parent, it’ll affect your education, job, and future (and many times your boyfriend’s too.) Thinking about and discussing your pregnancy choices isn’t easy. Some families have gone to a counselor to talk about this difficult situation so that everyone is heard.  

If you’re thinking about adoption, ask for your parents’ support. It might help to tell them about the benefits of choosing adoption.  The news will be tough to share and to hear, no matter what.  Presenting it along with details of your adoption plan can make things less stressful and easier for both you and your parents. Knowing the details of your plan allows them to focus on being supportive of your decision to do what you feel is best for your baby. 


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