prenatal_visit.jpgTry to keep all your doctor’s appointments. Even if you have had a child before, it is good to receive the care you need to during this pregnancy.

If you have trouble getting there, let your adoption professional know. Doctor’s appointments are important to you and your baby’s health.

Your first visit may be longer than others, so plan some time. You may feel more comfortable if you bring someone who cares along on this first visit.

If you have little ones, bring someone to watch them in the waiting room while you are being examined. There may be a lot of paperwork to be completed.

The doctor will need to know about your adoption plan. Once you know the name of the doctor or clinic that will be caring for you, let your adoption professional know. She will handle the paperwork to obtain the medical records she needs regarding your pregnancy.

In most cases, you will be asked to return to the doctor monthly for the first seven months. Then, every two weeks until the last month, then every week. If problems arise, you may be scheduled for more frequent visits.

Here are some questions you might ask your doctor at prenatal appointments:

  1. When is my baby’s due date?
  2. What foods or activities should I avoid? Do I need vitamins?
  3. Will you be the one delivering my baby?
  4. Which hospital will I have my baby at? Will I need a c-section?
  5. What is labor like? How will I know when I’m in labor?
  6. Is there anything my insurance won’t cover?
  7. How can I get a proof of pregnancy?
  8. Are you willing to speak with the adoption professional I’ve chosen?
  9. Can I get information about the WIC program? (if applicable)
  10. Share any symptoms or changes you’ve had lately.
  11. Can I bring the adoptive parents I’ve chosen to my appointment? (if desired)
  12. When is my next appointment?

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