african-american-adoption“I’m 23 weeks pregnant, and I’m expecting a girl. I’m going to give my baby up for adoption because I don’t believe in abortion. I already have two kids, and it’s been a struggle, so I don’t know how I could manage another baby.

I called another adoption agency to learn how I can adopt out my baby. But they told me that none of their adoptive couples want to adopt an African American baby. Plus, I’d like to place her with an African American couple. Can you help me?”

Yes! Lifetime has helped hundreds of African American birth mothers find the perfect family for their baby. We always have many African American married couples and single women to choose from. Lifetime also has hopeful adoptive parents that are bi-racial, as well as race-conscious Caucasian couples eager to adopt an African American baby into their family.

If you decide adoption is the best thing for your baby, you have lots of choices. There are many hopeful adoptive parents, and they’re all unique. There are married couples hoping to adopt, as well as singles. Some have a child or two already, and some are starting their family by adopting. The majority are college-educated, healthy, over 30, financially stable, and have turned to adoption after facing infertility.

Choosing the right adoptive family for your baby will depend on your preferences. You might be looking for an adoptive family who lives in your state. Or maybe geography doesn’t matter so much to you but having one parent stay at home with your child does. Lifetime is here to help you and answer your questions as you consider your choices. 

An Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime will email you links to adoptive parent profiles, or she can send them in the mail. Once you find an adoptive family you’re interested in, and we’ll connect you with them through a phone call. You’re able to interview the adoptive family, ask them all of the questions that you’d like. (Check out this link if you’re wondering what to say: 3 Questions to Think About When Browsing Adoptive Families.)

You deserve the same amount of control, choices, and respect as other women who choose adoption. If you’re looking for African American adoptive families and couples hoping to adopt an African American baby, a great website to visit is AfricanAmericanAdoptionsOnline.com.


Don’t see the type of family you’re looking for? Just give Lifetime a call at
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