decide-about-adoptionIf you’ve just gotten a positive pregnancy test, it’s common to feel out of control and unsure of what to do next. When you start to explore the pregnancy choice of adoption, you’ll begin to realize how much control you have over the process.

Making a modern adoption plan with Lifetime gives you tons of choices! You’re able to decide what type of adoption plan is best for you and your baby. This includes selecting your baby’s adoptive parents, how much you’ll stay in touch in the future, and more!

Today, Lifetime is sharing 4 questions to ask yourself as you create your custom adoption plan:

  1. What kind of adoptive family would I like for my child? A family that lives in a bigger city, or one who lives in the country? A family with children, or a couple who don’t have any kids yet? A family of teachers or doctors? A stay-at-home mom?
  2. What sort of contact do I want with the adoptive couple before my baby’s born? Phone calls? Emails? Visits?
  3. What kind of contact would I like with my child and the adoptive family after the adoption happens? Emails and pictures? Phone calls? Visits?
  4. How might I like my hospital stay to go? Should the adoptive family be there? How about my family? Do I want to hold my baby?

Your answers to these questions will form what’s called your “adoption plan.” Your adoption plan is like a road map, created by you. It gives Lifetime directions toward your perfect adoption.

You’ll work closely with your own Adoption Coordinator to make adoption decisions and create an adoption plan that makes sure all of your wishes are met during this emotional time.


To start making your adoption plan, or even to just talk about your choices,
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