Am I being selfish in adopting out my baby?I’m only ten weeks pregnant, and I’ve just started to look at adoptive parent websites. Since I’m still in college, and my baby’s father wants nothing to do with all this, I know deep down that adoption is the best decision I could make.

But I’m worried about what people might think. Are people right to say that adopting out my baby is selfish of me? How should I respond when they say stuff like that?”

Choosing adoption for your baby is the opposite of selfish! Adoption is a loving and selfless decision, and it’s a positive one too. Your child will have all the opportunities growing up that you want for him or her. And you’ll be able to go on to accomplish your own goals, such as graduating college. It might be too hard for you to raise a child at this point in your life. 

Right now, it’s important that you surround yourself with people who “have your back” when it comes to your adoption plan. Check out “How to Get the Support You Need During Your Adoption Plan” to learn how to find supportive people.

For the haters, you might share your reasons for choosing adoption with others. This can be a good way to help people learn about adoption and the benefits for all involved. If someone is being nosy about your choices and situation, all you have to do is say “it’s the right thing to do” and then let them think about that.  At the end of the day, you need to do what you feel is right for you. Motherhood is not for everyone, and that’s OK. If you end up choosing adoption, it doesn’t make you a “bad mom.” It makes you a great mom; one who’s giving her child a fresh start with two wonderful adoptive parents. It takes a very strong and unselfish person to see that adoption is the best choice for their child!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption