feelings about making adoption plan.jpgLifetime Adoption takes our job of educating women thinking about adoption seriously. We think it’s important for you to know the rights and choices you have with open adoption. The truth is, you’re not alone if you’re thinking about adoption for your child. Many pregnant women and moms have been in your shoes. So today, Lifetime is posting what women have said about adoption and making an adoption plan that worked. We’ve taken out all names & identifying info for privacy reasons.

“I know I’m doing the right thing by my daughter by choosing adoption. My boyfriend and I are able to see her happy and growing up in the environment she deserves!”

“With open adoption, my son won’t suffer, and he’ll meet and continue to know me. Being able to see him grow up and knowing who I am are the top benefits I see in deciding to place.”

“Why did I adopt out my baby? Many people ask me this, and it used to bug me so much. Now, I answer them that I placed because I wanted to know that my baby would have a mother and a father…and live in a safe, loving, and financially secure environment. Those are things I sadly couldn’t give her.”

“I have an open, trusting bond with the parents I chose for my baby. We have regular contact and communication, but I made sure they knew that I don’t want to interfere with their parenting (that’s their job). I just want to be involved and for my son to grow up knowing me. With the kind of adoption plan I made, I feel like I have more involvement rather than just abandoning my son.”

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Written by Lifetime Adoption