Can a Couple in Another State Adopt My Baby?

Pregnant mother sitting on a park bench reviewing out of state adoption literature
You have made the caring decision to choose adoptive parents for your baby. You know what is most important to you when you’re reading about and interviewing these hopeful moms and dads. What happens if the perfect parents aren’t located close enough for you to have a face-to-face relationship? What if the ideal parents for your child are out of state?

An adoption agency with a nationwide reach, like Lifetime, can show you profiles of adoptive families from all over the country. We give you access to our entire database of hopeful parents because we know sometimes the right fit isn’t just down the street. You may find the perfect match is a long distance, maybe even on the other side of the continent. It is also possible that you are looking for adoptive parents who live in a specific region or state.

Choosing adoptive parents in another state is not significantly different than any other adoption. You will still be able to interview these parents, work together to make adoption plans, and get to know them through emails and phone calls. They may even be able to meet with you in person before your child is born.

The adoptive parents will arrive at the hospital or birthing center when you go into labor. You will decide beforehand whether they should be in the room while you are going through labor and delivery, or if you would like your privacy. Many women have chosen to have just the future adoptive mother in the room. Regardless of this choice, they will be ready and waiting to love and provide for your baby.

After the adoption is finalized, you can still have a relationship with your child. While face-to-face meetings are more difficult when the adoptive parents do not live nearby, you can still stay updated with phone calls, emails, and social media. Many parents choose to set up a website specifically to provide photos, videos, and other information for the birth mom. If this is something you desire, you can request this when determining your adoption plan.

An open adoption is possible, even if the adoptive parents don’t live nearby. Birth moms can plan on traveling to visit the child in his or her new home. The out of state adoptive parents may make visiting the birth mom once or twice a year a priority.

Regardless of the location of the adoptive parents, you will have the relationship of your choosing with the child. Best of all, you will know that the baby has the best parents possible. An open adoption ensures that the parents you pick are truly the right parents for your baby.


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