My Child Has Been Removed From My Home and is in Foster Care…

My Rights Have Not Been Terminated. Can I Still Work With Your Program and Find Adoptive Parents to Adopt My Child?

help with modern adoptionYes. We have been very successful in finding parents looking to adopt the children that come directly to Lifetime. If your child is currently in foster care, we will work with you and one of our attorneys (no cost to you) to determine the steps to be taken to have your child legally adopted into a permanent adoptive home. It is important that you not delay, so please contact us as soon as possible to allow us to work for you in a timely manner, before your rights and wishes are not considered. Most of the older children we find adoptive families for are not in foster care, but are living with relatives or their birth parents, which allows for a simple procedure and a shorter time frame once you have chosen a family.

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