I am a Single Parent and Facing a Prison Sentence of Quite a Few Years…

Can You Help Me Find Adoptive Parents for my Children, Even Though They are Not Newborns?

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Yes. We can work with you in finding a loving adoptive family that will legally adopt your children. It is important to realize that adoption is permanent and legally binding. Adoption is not foster care or temporary care. You can still receive updates and photos throughout their lives if you wish.

We encourage you to seek out any family member that you feel could provide a stable and loving home for your children if possible. If you have attempted to do this and feel that you prefer for us to find a stable adoptive home for your child or children, then we will be happy to help you find families who want to adopt a child.

Please contact us as soon as possible to allow for the possible counseling and adjustment as the children transition into their new adoptive home. We want the adjustment time to be as easy for the children as possible, and to have you feel comfortable with the family that will adopt the child or children. You have choices.

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