Why would I give my baby away?

Young woman, depressed after being forced to place her baby in a closed adoption

A common response to adoption is “I could never give MY baby away.” In the older practice of adoption many women felt left out of the process, without control over what would happen to their baby. Today, adoption is different. These days adoption isn’t viewed as “giving a baby away,” but is one way a mother can provide for her baby. Through adoption a mother can give her baby a life, a stable family, and the future she would want for him or her. With adoption, you have the say in every step of the process. You can choose from dozens of approved families waiting to adopt, get to know families before you choose, decide how things go at the hospital, and even keep in touch with your baby after the adoption. You can learn more about adoption without being obligated to do it, and it’s never too late to make an adoption plan, even after your baby is born. And, if you learn about adoption and decide it’s not the right fit for you and your baby, you could help a friend learn more about adoption. Someone who is worried about or hiding a pregnancy, or having trouble parenting a child, may need to know what you’ve learned about adoption.

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