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It’s important to understand that with a Lifetime Adoption, you are definitely not giving your baby up for adoption. That sounds like adoption in the 1950’s when women had no choices about what they wanted in adoption and no opportunity to have contact with their child afterwards. This often led to feelings of guilt, shame and regret, but this is definitely not the case anymore.

In today’s adoption, you are in control! You design the adoption plan for you and your child every step of the way. Women today are proud of their adoption decision, especially as they see their child growing happy and healthy with open adoption.

The first step is often to find adoptive parents that match what you are looking for. Working with a caring and trusted adoption agency like Lifetime Adoption, you can choose from waiting adoptive parents from all over the country. We can provide you with information about them by calling or texting our office anytime at 1.800.923.6784 or you can go look at waiting families online. Many of them have created videos so you can learn more about them.

When you find a few that you would like to consider, we will help arrange some initial contact so you can get to know them. You can interact through email, phone calls, or even meetings if you’d like. If you feel a little shy, we can do a conference call so you are not alone in the process. Usually, once you talk to the right adoptive parents, something just clicks and you know you’ve found the right one!

As you get to know the adoptive parents, you are creating a relationship that you can build on after the adoption. You can establish what the ongoing contact will look like, such as visits, letters and pictures, email, or even contact through social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Creating a custom adoption plan like this benefits everyone! The birth mother (and birth father if he wants to be involved) are able to make the choices for their child and stay in touch after the adoption. This gives them a connection that provides reassurance that they did the best thing for the child. It also provides an opportunity for a lifelong relationship with their child who will never question their birth mother’s love – they will know from day one that you loved them and still do.

For the child, it gives them the opportunity to have their history and biological ties to their birth family. They never have to wonder where you are. They know you are there, that you care, and that you made an adoption plan for them because it was the best choice at the time.

The adoptive parents are committing to be open and honest with your child about adoption from day one, so they always know they have parents and a ‘tummy mommy’, or birth mother. Adoption is not a scary conversation, it is part of who they are from the beginning. The adoptive parents will value and treasure you, and are happy to share an open connection with you in the best interest of the child.

As you can see, in today’s world, making an adoption plan for a baby is nothing like giving a baby up for adoption in the ‘old days’. It is open, honest, and loving for everyone involved. And, for some women who wish to keep things more private, Lifetime can assist in a semi-open or closed adoption if that is your desire. The key is that you have the choices.

Finding the right adoptive parents and starting a relationship is often the first step to the success of a wonderful open adoption. Let Lifetime Adoption help you learn more about if adoption is right for you. Call or text our office anytime at 1.800.923.6784 or complete the initial form to start a custom adoption plan today for your baby.

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