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Lifetime Foundation proudly offers education scholarships in deep appreciation to women who have chosen adoption for their childrenBirth mothers are special individuals who choose to place their child with a loving adoptive family so their child can have a bright future. They do this no matter how much it hurts their heart. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation feels these women deserve support to help them move forward in their lives and achieve the success that they so deserve.

College Scholarships for Women Who Place a Baby for Adoption 

Lifetime Adoption Foundation provides educational scholarships to birth parents who wish to advance their education. Because of the sacrifice you have made for the benefit of you and your child, Lifetime Foundation wants to support you and your educational goals. These scholarships will help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. 

Maya contacted Lifetime Foundation to let them know she had just graduated from university. She said she couldn’t have done it without the scholarships she received. Yes, “scholarships!” She applied each year she was in school and was awarded a scholarship each year. Her son’s adoptive family was so proud of her. They even attended her graduation, where she looked down from the stage to see her son and his parents cheering for her. She said, “My heart almost burst with happiness and pride.” 

Women who are Still Pregnant 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can start setting your goals and planning for the future. Take a look at the scholarship requirements so you can start preparing to apply. You will want to gather your report card or transcripts from your current or past school, and then once the adoption is final, you will just submit proof of adoption, a letter from the school you are enrolled in or are accepted to, and a letter letting the Foundation know why a scholarship can help you achieve your dreams. Applying is easy, and having a plan and goals for the future will help you through the adoption process.  

Scholarships for Women who need GED or Trade School 

The scholarships, at Lifetime Foundation, are not just for university or community college. If you need financial assistance to get your GED or attend a trade school, you are eligible to apply for the scholarships. There are many different paths to success and the Lifetime Foundation is ready to support you on your journey.  

The Lifetime Foundation recently heard from Lydia, who said, “Placing my baby for adoption was so hard, but I wanted us both to have a good future. She is happy and healthy in her adoptive family, and I just got a job as a dental hygienist! The scholarship from Lifetime Foundation helped me finish my courses and achieve my dream. I know my daughter will be so proud that I looked out for her future and worked hard to improve my life as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

Lifetime Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps birth mothers with educational scholarships. The scholarships come from direct donations specifically earmarked to assist birth parents (both birth mothers and birth fathers!) to build their futures. Scholarships awarded are dependent upon current donations and all scholarship applications are reviewed.

If you would like more information, please visit Lifetime Foundation online. 

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“I just wanted to thank you so much for my scholarship award. I am so thankful that I was able to receive the money. After placing my daughter into adoption, I promised myself that I would work hard to get a college education. I am so motivated, and this scholarship reminds me that ALL of my hard work and choices are paying off.”
a birth mother receiving one of our scholarships


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