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State We Live in: Kansas
Our Religion: Catholic
Stay At Home Parent: Yes
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Hispanic
Open to Twins: Yes

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We feel very blessed to be able to start our adoption journey. We promise that your child will be unconditionally loved by us and the people in our lives.  We are so excited to grow our family and look forward to welcoming your little one into our home and making lots of memories!  We are excited to show your child how to take care of livestock, fish, garden, bake cookies, and play sports.

About Us

We became friends in 7th grade, and officially started dating on Jessica’s 17th birthday.  We have been married for 12 years and love our lives together.  We like to play Rummy/Phase 10 and watch movies/sports games together, play cornhole or ping pong, and work outside in the garden or with our livestock!  We have been unable to conceive, yet we are so extremely excited to now grow our family through adoption. We look forward to welcoming your child into our home and share with them the love of our family and friends.  We are excited to teach them how to play UNO, play sports, enjoy a warm campfire, and work with livestock.  We are especially looking forward to playing in the yard, hanging out with our close friends and family, and enjoying family celebrations with your little one.

About Scott

My first description of Scott, when we were in Junior High, was he reminded me of a teddy bear.  Which that has not changed.  He is kind, humble, funny, hardworking, loveable and has such a soft heart. Scott is an Electrician just like his grandfather and father.  He is very good at what he does, puts a lot of effort into his job, and takes great pride in it.  He has a way of seeing both sides of a situation and helping others to see it as well. He likes to play any kind of sport, whether its softball in a league or cornhole in the backyard. Scott likes to work on vehicles, BBQ with buddies, or just sit around and talk.  He is thrilled to teach our child how to play catch and how to fish!  He will be a very hands-on father.

About Jessica

Jessica is down to earth, family oriented, and hard working.  I knew I wanted to marry Jessica in High School, and it has been a truly blessed journey with her. She enjoys watching movies, doing yard work, gardening and driving around country roads or seeing the sights of Kansas.  Jessica is a wonderful cook and baker. She also enjoys making fun diaper cakes for baby showers and planning parties. Jessica is excited to share everything with your child, like going to the park, teaching them how to bake cookies, and share with them her love for Disney movies.  She looks forward to having a coloring book partner!  I know that she will be a wonderful mother.

Our Family

We have a very big extended family.  Many of whom live very close to us, so we have get togethers often!  We also are godparents to 4 wonderful kiddos!   We keep cattle with Jessica’s parents and brother on their family farm about 7 miles away from our home, as well as cattle with Scott’s brother, who lives within a half mile of us.  Our family is very excited for us to start our family. They can not wait to include your child in our holiday traditions which include Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Sunday lunches, and so much more.

Our Home in Kansas

We live in Northeast Kansas on 45 acres.  We recently built a new house, which Scott, family, and friends helped to build.  There is plenty of space both inside and out to run around and have a great time.  We have hayfields, crop ground around us and we plan to put in a big garden with lots of veggies and flowers.   There isn’t much noise pollution around, but at night you can hear coyotes howling.  We also have a great view to see the bright stars and moon in the sky!

Waylon is our 1.5 year old Great Dane. He may be big, but he is definitely a gentle GIANT. Super sweet and is great with all ages of our family.

Our Promise

We promise to love and cherish your child with all our might. They will feel safe and secure always.  Their life will be filled with happiness, love, fun, education, support, and hope.  They will know the importance of family, faith, and friendship. We promise they will know their adoption story and we are open to discussing the amount of future contact you wish to have.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

More About Scott

Education: 5 year Electrician Apprenticeship Program
Profession: Electrician-General Foreman
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: Caucasian

His Favorites:

Dessert: Texas sheet cake
Movie: Man on Fire
Singer/Band: Shinedown
Meal: Steak dinner
Places you've visited: Hoover Dam
Sport you wish you were a Pro in: Baseball
Celebrity: Denzel Washington

More About Jessica

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Profession: stay at home wife
Stay-At-Home: Yes
Racial Background: Caucasian

Her Favorites:

Dessert: Homemade ice cream
Movie: A League of Their Own & Twister
Singer/Band: Garth Brooks
Meal: Chicken Spiedini
Places you've visited: Hoover Dam
Sport you wish you were a Pro in: Softball
Celebrity: Tom Hanks

More About Our Family

Our Special Interests

We both enjoy helping out family and friends with anything that needs to be done, like remodeling or mowing, playing cards or just hanging out. Jessica enjoys going to concerts, but Scott prefers to listen to music at home. We love going to baseball games, whether it's a Major League game or high school. We both like to be outside, either working in the garden or fixing fences, We like to watch comedy and action movies, we both love the Rocky movies and Lethal Weapon movies.


Grandparents, parents, step-parents, aunts/uncles, and LOTS of cousins make up our very big family. Scott has three brothers and one sister, with 12 nieces/nephews. Jessica has two brothers and one sister, with 4 nieces/nephews. Family celebrations are always a blast, so many people to easily have 2 baseball teams! Family is a a major part of our lives. There's not a day that we don't either see or talk to a family member. Many live very close to us.

Special about the Place We Grew up

Our families have been in this area for quite some time, Jessica's for more than 150 years! Both of our dads are the same age and actually went to school together from the 3rd grade on. It's a wonderful place to have a family!

We live in the state of...

Kansas. We are about an hour from Kansas City, MO and 45 minutes from Topeka, KS .

In Closing

We really appreciate your time in considering us for your child. We look forward to sharing pictures and letters with you. Involvement with family and close friends is a big priority with us, many good times and memories will be made. Your child will never lack in health or love from us and the people we surround ourselves with. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

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