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Shannon & Syreeta

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State We Live in: California
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months, 3 Months – 12 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: African American
Open to Twins: Yes

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Hello from the Sunshine State! We are grateful for this chance to be considered as the family for your child. We are a patient and caring couple who can’t wait to be first time parents! We dream of one day having a child with us as we gather with family for the holidays or take a drive along the beautiful California coast. We can’t wait to share fun moments as a mom and dad! People say we are easy to talk to, so when you’re ready, we’d love to learn more about you.

Our Story

How we met, as told by Syreeta: We’ve been together for over seven years. My sister and her boyfriend introduced us through a casual phone conversation. We got to know each other more over the years and one day finally decided to go on a date. I’m so thankful our first date was the start of our forever!

Why we chose adoption: We have hoped to become parents for many years and have not been able to conceive. After praying about our situation and our desire to raise a child, we feel sure this is the path we’re meant to be on. We’re excited to adopt our first child! on this path.

About Syreeta

Syreeta enjoys cake decorating, family time, and sports. She is so nurturing and has always had mother-like instincts. Our nieces and nephews treat her with the upmost respect and they know they can come to her for anything. Syreeta does everything with integrity. What I love about her the most is her patience and faith in God.

About Shannon

Shannon enjoys time with my family, sports, and reading. He would be an amazing father because he has so many great qualities to share! He is so dedicated and loyal to anyone he comes in contact with. His energy is infectious! The amount of love he has for family and friends is unheard of and does not go unnoticed.

Our Home in California

We live in Northern California where the weather is amazing. We have a beautiful three-bedroom home with a front and backyard that’s gated. Our community is very diverse and there are many cultures that we are exposed to. We enjoy the variety of walking trails and parks right in our neighborhood. Many of our neighbors already have children. It’s a great place to raise a family!

Our Loved Ones

We both come from tight-knit families. We enjoy traveling to see everyone whenever we can, especially for the holidays. They like to visit us, too! We have nine nieces and nephews who are a lot of fun. We have a few close friends who have been in the family for years on both sides. We get together for birthdays and dinners frequently.

Our Promise

Our hearts are with you as you choose the best option for you and your little one. And,
if you choose, we would be honored to be part of this journey with you.

We promise to…
• Always be open and honest with who they are and how we became a family.
• Teach them about our faith and the love that God has for all of us.
• Stress the importance of education and how imperative it is.
• Teach the ways of the world, values, and responsibility.

We promise to include you in our family’ s story, if you’re comfortable, and would be
happy to share ongoing contact. To learn more or set up a time to talk, just ask Lifetime about us: call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With love, Shannon & Syreeta

More About Shannon

Education: High School
Profession: Truck Driver
Stay-At-Home: No
Racial Background: African American

His Favorites:

Food: Steak and Seafood
Movie: Coming to America
Hobby: Fishing
Weekend Fun: Time with my wife and family
Music: R&B Soul
Fashion or Style Statement: Hats & shoes
Travel Activity: Site seeing

More About Syreeta

Education: Some College
Profession: Supervisor
Stay-At-Home: Yes, after we adopt
Racial Background: African American

Her Favorites:

Food: Seafood
Movie: 50 First Dates
Hobby: Cake Decorating
Weekend Fun: Time with my husband and family
Music: R&B Hip Hop
Fashion or Style Statement: Different hairstyles
Travel Activity: Site seeing

More About Our Family

Our Favorite Things to do Together

• Barbeque in our backyard with family and friends.
• Visit Shannon’s family in Mississippi. They are known for their fish fries!
• Go out to dinner and then go home to watch our favorite Netflix shows.

Family Traditions

We love all things Christmas and Thanksgiving! From decorating our tree to watching Christmas movies in our pajamas to drinking hot chocolate, we love it so much! On Thanksgiving, we like to play family games and eat a ton of food, and sometimes we do karaoke.

Fun Facts

Shannon: I am a huge Steelers football fan!
Syreeta: I’m known for changing up my hairstyle often!

What we value the most

Being able to create memories and share moments with our family is priceless. It’s important to us that your child grows up surrounded by people who love and support him or her deeply.

In Closing

We would love to share our love, memories, growth, family, and so much more, with a child we raise together. It will be an honor to become parents through adoption! If you're comfortable, we hope to get to know you, and we're open to ongoing contact if you'd like an open adoption. Thank you for learning about us!

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