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State We Live in: California
Our Religion: Christian
Stay At Home Parent: No
Our Age Preferences: Newborn-3 Months
Our Gender Preferences: Either Gender
Our Race Preferences: Any Race, African American, African American/Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American
Open to Twins: Yes

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We are Tandre and Carmen and we are honored to have you learn about us.  Adoption is the blessing through which God is leading us to expand our family, and we are thrilled to walk this journey with you. Our family is energetic, witty, fun, and very loving. We hope you enjoy getting to know us and hope to hear from you soon. 


About us

We got married 9 years ago after attending engineering school together. God blessed us with two sweet boys: Hezekiah, 8,  and Elijah, 5. Our family loves doing everything together especially cooking and celebrating milestones. We never miss an opportunity to cook with each other and enjoy trying new recipes. Maybe that is why we love milestones too, because they always offer an excuse to make a special lunch. We are beyond excited to share our love for and fun with your child.

About Tandre from Carmen

Tandre is a godly and caring dad who enjoys spending time with our boys and surprising me with coffee and dates. Tandre enjoys being a petroleum engineer and soon he will complete a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.  He passionately loves the word of God and enjoys sharing it. Tandre’s best qualities are honesty and sincerity and I really love how he leads our family.  Some of his favorite things to do include gardening and teaching Bible stories to the boys. He is so very excited to include our new baby as well!

About Carmen from Tandre

Carmen is a hard-working, earnest, and compassionate woman. She gives her everything to our family and enjoys sharing Jesus with others. Carmen has worn many hats in life so far.  From being a full-time process engineer; to a full-time stay home mama and, as of 2016, she started her own business as a science tutor. Tutoring allows Carmen the flexibility to aid children with school, minister to them, and care for our family. She also enjoys projects around the house, like re-purposing furniture or giving a new coat of paint to a table.  She loves involving the kids and is looking forward to including our next child! 

Our Family

Our boys, Hezekiah and Elijah, are smart, silly, caring and always making us proud. Hezekiah is a curious and tender kid who plays the piano and enjoys swimming. Elijah is a loving, warm-hearted boy who loves cars and trucks. They are so ready for their new sibling and are so very excited for when they all get to play together. 

Our home is also blessed by our “Abuelita Maria” (Carmen’s mother). Abuelita is a sweet, energetic, and creative grandma who loves talking in Spanish with our boys. She is over the moon excited to teach our next child how to speak Spanish as well. 

Our extended family is also ecstatic about our adoption plans and are looking forward to welcoming your child into the family!

Our Home and Community in California

We live in California in a one-story house with 4 bedrooms, an open backyard, and a gated front yard. There is plenty of space for having fun both outside and inside our home. There is a spacious dining/playing area with plenty of natural light and windows. Our city takes pride in being family oriented and have everything from parks and playgrounds to a modern children’s’ library. The beach is only a short drive from our home. Our children go to private schools, and they also enjoy activities around the city like swimming and piano. They are so very excited to have their new sibling joins them!

Our Promise

We promise that your child will grow in a healthy, loving and wholesome home, with Christian principles and values. We promise to keep an open relationship with you and to share milestones, birthdays, and other events in our baby’s life. We are overjoyed that God is bringing us together through adoption and look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Much Love,

Tandre and Carmen

More About Tandre

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering , Emphasis on Petroleum Engineering
Profession: Petroleum Reservoir Engineer
Stay-At-Home: Part Time
Racial Background: African American

His Favorites:

Favorite Summer Outing: The beach
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite season of the Year: Christmas
Favorite Musical Instrument: Trumpet, Piano
Favorite Color : Any
Favorite Sport: Swimming

More About Carmen

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering , Emphasis on Polymer Science Engineering
Profession: Science Tutor
Stay-At-Home: Yes
Racial Background: Hispanic

Her Favorites:

Favorite Summer Outing: Road trips through California
Favorite Food: Sushi and Dessert
Favorite season of the Year: Christmas and Easter
Favorite Musical Instrument: Piano, Violin
Favorite Color : Sea green
Favorite Sport: Soccer

More About Our Family

Our love for science and learning

We love getting our kids involved in learning science through outdoor activities. There is much to explore in the backyard! Our boys delight themselves on making water fountains with pots and pans as well as collecting little "rollie pollies" outside to look at them under a magnifying glass. It is truly a blessing to see how simple things spark their imagination and creativity.

Our Faith

We are a Christian Evangelical family who loves to participate in church ministries, such as Childcare, Adult Bible School and Vacation Bible School. For instance, Tandre as a Bible study teacher for adults and Carmen enjoys teaching Bible to preschoolers every Sunday. Grandma Maria also serves in the nursery and takes every opportunity to cook for her Spanish congregation. We strongly believe that our faith should be reinforced in school too. So, we have chosen private Christian education for our kids.

Our Musical Interest

We love music, anything from Reggae, Jazz, and Blues to upbeat Latin music and tropical rhythms. Our kids also love the hits from movies like Moana, Sing, and Rio. There is always a song that is being hummed at home! We especially love good old hymns and worship songs in both Spanish and English.

About Our Extended Family and Friends

We have very supportive and loving relatives who live near us in California and some not so near by, in Central America. Tandre's mom, our sweet grandma Shirley, for instance is minutes away from us . She loves to entertain for Thanksgiving with a homemade Thanksgiving Feast every year. She is over the moon and cannot wait to meet the new "sweetie pumpkin" as she calls her beloved grandchildren. Tandre's sister, Zapora and Carmen's family in Central America, which includes her 91 year old grandma, are also rejoicing over our adoption decision.
We are also have many friends from different cultural backgrounds, specially at church. Our family is part of a very large group of adoptive and foster care parents who have been a blessing to us and we know, will bless our new baby as well.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and for getting to know more about us. We promise to love, nurture, and cherish your child in a home build on love and the Lord. Your baby will be loved in this family, and we are excited to see all the blessings that will unfold as we walk this path together. We hope to speak with you soon.

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