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A Letter from Craig & Courtney

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We are so excited to be parents and pray for you every day. We are an active, adventurous, outgoing couple, who enjoy living life to the fullest every day! We promise to love your child unconditionally and support them in every aspect of their life. We, along with our family, are so ready and excited to welcome not only your child but you into our lives!

Where our journey began

We met by complete accident, and after realizing that we had quite a bit in common, decided to go on a date. That first date turned into an amazing life together, and we have been making memories ever since. We are outgoing, and fun-loving people who love life and live every day to the fullest.

We enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. Whether we are cruising to new places, just entertaining at our home, or anything in between, we are always surrounded by love and laughter. We love being outdoors, hunting, playing and watching baseball, and visiting our family farms. We feel so blessed in life and are excited to share our blessings with our future child.

My loving and Adventurous wife, Courtney

My wife Courtney loves to cook almost as much as she loves to travel. She is adventurous and free-spirited with a passion for learning about new places, and people. She makes friends easily and makes people smile wherever she goes. She communicates her feelings and makes sure that those in her life know how much they mean to her. She thinks of the little things and appreciates everything she has been given in her life. She loves sports and the outdoors, and most of all she is an animal lover. All her quirks and one-liners make her an absolute joy to be around. Courtney is nurturing, protective, and will be an amazing mother to our future child. She is excited to share her love for cooking and adventure with our child.

My kind and goofy husband, Craig

Craig is a sweet soul who loves to help others and is always making people laugh. He is always outside, volunteering in our community, or spending time with the people he loves. Craig is everything I hoped for in a partner, and I know he will be all that and more as a father. He talks about “dad jokes”, loves all sports, hunting, and just being as active as possible. He is truly one of a kind and every minute around him brings such joy to everyone who knows him. He is excited to take our child to the local stadium to watch our beloved St. Louis Cardinals on opening day.


Our big fun family

We both come from wonderfully blended families and enjoy big family events. We also have lots of cousins, nieces, and nephews as well as more on the way! In our family, there is always someone to talk to, play with, and confide in. Between our families, we have many traditions that we are excited to share and pass down to our child.  We are beyond blessed with an amazing support system who are just as excited as we are for our adoption. They are all ready and waiting to welcome our child with open arms.

Our Missouri home filled with love and laughter

We live in a cozy 3 bedroom house with a big fenced in backyard, nestled in a neighborhood that we absolutely love. We know all of our neighbors by their first name, and we all truly look out for each other. We have game nights, watch sporting events together, and enjoy our quiet and safe neighborhood. Our house is within walking distance of the park, town square, pool, library and most importantly our school. Our school system is known for having outstanding academic performance, a bunch of clubs, and sports.

We share our home with our 2 loyal and loving small dogs and a very smart cat. Our pet’s love children!

Our promise to you

We promise that your child will grow up knowing their story and how they became a part of our family as well as grow up knowing you. We will share with you every milestone, every birthday, every award, and every special moment in between. We promise to be open, honest, and supportive for all the years to come.

We promise that our child will always know they are loved. They will have every opportunity to succeed in life and will grow up strong, confident and knowing god. We promise that together, we will raise your child in a beautiful and loving environment.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Craig & Courtney

  Craig Courtney
Our EducationAssociates Degree of Applied Science and Technical Certification Pursing a Bachelors Degree
Our ProfessionsIndustrial Electritian Supervisor of Outpatient Services
Stay-At-HomePart time No
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucaian
Some of Craig & Courtney 's Favorites
What is your favorite childhood memory?Playing sports, just getting to spend time with my brothers and my sister outside.Going on family vacations, I remember each one and the way I felt in those moments!
What is your favorite way to spend free time?With my friends and family, any chance I can see them even if its just a short time I always enjoy it. Traveling for me is my favorite way, It's always made better if friends or family can join as well.
What is your biggest hope for your child?That he or she grows up knowing that they can be anything or do anything they set thier mind to, and knowing they are supported by us in every way. That they grow up learning to cherish every moment, to be thankful, and that they are loved unconditionally by so many people.
What is one thing you want your Birth Mother to know about you?I want you to know that I will always love and support our child. I will work hard every minute of every day to make sure that they have all that they need. I want you to know that our child will know their story and know you. They will always know they were wanted and loved, and how special thier story is.
What is one place you want ot visit with your child?I want to take my child to as many St. Louis Cardinals games as I can, they have always been am amazing memory and I am excited to share it with them.I want to explore his or her heritage and visit places that will make them feel close to who they are, and Disney World of course!
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We are both huge St. Louis Cardinals fans and Kansas City Chiefs fans.
We also love watching Craig's younger sister play softball and attending basketball, baseball, and softball games to support our local athletes. We both love cooking, Craig enjoys trying new ways to BBQ or Smoke meats and other things and Courtney enjoys trying new recipes and creating her own. We love to host get together, and are very active within our group of friends. We love traveling and getting to know places, and people.

Our Faith

We attend church regularly and enjoy being active members. We love being involved in fundraisers, dinners, and groups within our church. We both grew up going to church with our families and we visit their churches still, we along with our families have a strong foundation of faith. We will teach our child to always put the lord first, pray for others, know that everyone is different and has their own beliefs, and to always be thankful for the blessings they receive throughout their life.

Our Musical Interest

We truly listen to a little of everything. Craig enjoys Country music, Pop, rap and really anything with a good message. Courtney listens to everything from the hot 100 chart to classical music. We often have music playing in our vehicles and home. We go to concerts often and even met when we were both attending the same concert.

About our state

Missouri is wonderful, or at least we sure think so! We enjoy our town and all that we are close to within our wonderful state. We are just a short drive from many sports games as well as many outdoor activities. Courtney's family enjoys being out on the many lakes in Missouri, and Craig's family enjoys hunting and farming cows. The best part about where we live is that there are so many opportunities, no matter what your interests there is something to do, see, and be involved in. We have everything from hiking on beautiful trails to getting to interact with farm animals, Zoo's, and so much more!

The importance of Education!

We think having a quality education is so important. We are both so thankful that Courtney works for a University, and that our child will have access to high-quality education in whichever field he or she is interested in. Support and sharing our passion for learning is one thing we absolutely want to pass on to our children.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 months old





Sibling Group

Yes! We are open to a sibling group with the oldest up to 3 years old.

Ethnicity of ChildWe would be delighted to welcome a child of any ethnicity to our family.
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to photos, videos, face time, and visits. We are open to whatever contact level you are most comfortable with.

In Closing

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting to know us more. We are overjoyed at the thought of becoming parent's and are excited to grow our family. Our hearts are open and we look forward to getting to know you more as our paths come together!

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Lifetime Adoption is registered with the State of California under the provisions of the Registry of California Adoption Facilitators. (CA Family Code Section 8632.5)  
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