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A Letter from Greg & Natalie

Dear Birthmother,

We have so much love to give and are excited to share our safe and loving home, family, and traditions with your child. We love camping, weekend excursions, travel, baking, and spending time with family. You can expect open communication and plenty of cards, photos, texts, and yearly visits if you are comfortable.

About Us

We met online and have been together since our first date. We knew we were meant to be together. We dated for almost 2 years before getting married on New Year’s Eve. When we married, we wanted to have children right away. Infertility led to us not having biological children together. But we believe God has presented us with the chance to raise a child through adoption.

We are best friends and truly enjoy spending time together. We love to be outdoors hiking, biking, camping, and golfing. Cooking together and hosting our families and friends in our home is one of our favorites. We love music and go to many concerts, festivals, and musicals throughout the year.

What I Love About Greg

Greg is an amazing father and that is what made me fall in love with him. The love he has for his daughter just melts me. He is kind, supportive, loving, and very patient. He is very funny and always makes us laugh and smile. He loves to grill and use his meat smoker, and we enjoy the end results! Greg also loves to play his bass guitar, is a knowledgeable sports fan who enjoys teaching them as well, loves camping, and even likes math! Greg is my best friend and will be an amazing father and role model for your son/daughter to look up to.

What I Love About Natalie (from Greg)

Natalie is one of the warmest and friendliest people you will ever meet. She volunteers at church with Sunday school and confirmation. She also volunteers for a women’s shelter. My daughter Nola was 3 years old when Natalie met her and she’s loved her as her own ever since. Natalie has created a special bond with our daughter. They bake, shop, watch tv shows, and even paint together. We call our daughter “Glue” for how she sticks to Natalie when we’re out. She is looking forward to sharing her love for baking, game nights, family trips, camping, and more with your child. Natalie has shown she’s a wonderful mom and will provide a safe, warm home for your child.

Our Home in Wisconsin

Our home is a 5 bedroom ranch right behind an excellent elementary school. The nursery is all set with fun woodland characters and trees painted on the walls. We live in a safe community with parks, lakes, and an amazing year-round farmers market.

Our back yard has plenty of room for your child to play. We have a garden where we plant veggies to eat and flowers to pick, a covered front porch with rocking chairs, and a sunroom that is perfect to snuggle up and read books with our cats. Our kitchen has a window seat where we will sit after school and talk about our children’s days at school.

Our Family

Greg has a 15-year-old daughter, Nola, from a previous marriage. We share joint custody (50/50) with her mother. Our weekends with her are filled with various trips and activities. She has younger siblings at her mom’s house and is looking forward to becoming a big sister again.

Greg has a younger brother and sister and Natalie has an older sister. We spend lots of time with our families golfing or at the lake. Both sets of parents are excited about a grandchild. We are close to our extended families and your child would have the opportunity to grow up with loving aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

About Our Faith and Traditions

We were both raised in the Lutheran faith and are active in our church. Church service is the focus of the major holidays. We host Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas at our house with both of our families. There is always lots of laughter when we are all together. Christmas involves ringing bells for the Salvation Army and a weekend of making cookies to share with family and friends. 4th of July is spent with a week up at the lake boating, swimming, campfires, and fishing with family.

Our Promise

We promise to love your child unconditionally and will provide him or her with a loving, safe place to call home. We promise to provide them with every opportunity possible. We promise dance parties, family jam sessions, learning how to fish, baking cookies on a cold winter day, camping trips, and family and friends that will shower your child with so much love. We will encourage him or her to follow their heart and dreams and will provide a solid education and opportunities to explore the world. We promise to share their adoption story and honor you. We promise to support you and the communication you feel most comfortable with. Your son or daughter will know how much they are loved by you, by us, and by God. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784

Learn More About Greg & Natalie

  Greg Natalie
Our EducationB.S. Computer ScienceMBA Organizational Development
Our ProfessionsMarketing Communications ManagerBusiness Development Manager
Stay-At-HomeNoNo, but I do work from home multiple days a week
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Greg & Natalie's Favorites
Outdoor activityCampingGolfing
Subject in schoolMathHistory
Disney MovieTangledThe Lion King
HobbyBass guitarBaking
Board gameHarry Potter ClueTicket to Ride
Holiday traditionCandlelight Christmas Eve church servicePicking our Christmas tree and cutting it down as a family
Family activityWeekend road tripsSpending time at the lake
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Greg loves to play bass guitar, computer games, fish, hike, bike, grill, read, and play basketball with his daughter.
Natalie loves to read, bake, garden, bike, fish, sit by our fire pit, paint, sail and play board games.
As a family, we love to go camping or spend time at our family cottage on the lake. We also golf as a family. Weekends are often filled with road trips whether it's a trip to the zoo, to see a concert, to a sporting event, to visit all of the great museums and stores in Chicago, a family biking trip to a local island, or simply cooking out with friends and family. There is always something to take advantage of each weekend. When we do stay home, we watch movies, play board games, and even play music together.

Our Faith

We were both raised in the Lutheran church. Our family is active in our church community. Greg lived in Louisiana for a large part of his childhood so we cooked up jambalaya and king cake for our church for Mardi Gras. They also brought in a jazz band for our worship service. It's a fun church with great activities for youth. Natalie volunteers as a Sunday school teacher. Our faith is important to us and we will raise our child in the Lutheran faith.

Our Musical Interest

We both love to play guitar and have a variety of musical interests. We have a music room in our house and like to have family jam sessions regularly. We go to quite a few concerts each year. One of our favorite events is Irish Fest in Milwaukee which has many Irish bands, dance groups, and great food. We also enjoy Summerfest in Milwaukee which has some of the biggest names in music.

Greg- Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Metal
Natalie- Country, Classic Rock, Pop, Christian, Bluegrass, Alternative Rock

About Our Home

We live in a 5 bedroom ranch style home in a wonderful school district. Two of the bedrooms have custom painted animal characters. One has elephants linked trunk to tail and the other has various woodland creatures hanging out in trees. Our kitchen has a ton of space and helps us host our family holidays. We have a gas fireplace in the living room that makes a great spot to warm up and even hang Christmas stockings. There is a cozy sunroom that is a great reading spot. We have a big backyard with lots of room to play and plenty of room to add a swing set. We have a garden full of flowers. It is a fantastic space to relax with friends and family.

Our Children

Greg has a daughter from his previous marriage. She is 15 years old. We have joint (50/50) custody with her mom. She is into music, she plays 4 different instruments and sings in multiple choirs. She likes to draw and paint as well. She has two younger siblings at her mom's house and is great with kids. She is looking forward to becoming a big sister again and teaching them music. Natalie nicknamed her "Glue" because she is always stuck right next to Natalie. The two of them bake together and have their own website where they show off their baking creations.

We live in the state of...

The great state of Wisconsin! It's a great state that offers four wonderful seasons, each that allows us to do great activities. We are located in a spot that allows us to travel to Chicago and Minneapolis for long weekends. Our family has a cottage on a lake that will allow our child the ability to fish, swim, sail and water ski. We're about 20 minutes from Green Bay Packers games and an hour and a half from seeing the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks. We can see Lake Michigan with a 40-minute drive. Our state park system provides endless hiking/skiing trails and camping locations.

Our Neighborhood & Schools

We live in a great family neighborhood. We live right by the school where our child will attend from Kindergarten - 6th grade. It's right in our backyard with a nice playground, baseball diamond, and basketball hoops. We have wonderful neighbors all around us with kids of various ages. We live in an amazing school district that excels at both academics and sports. The elementary school works with each child to help them at their individual reading and math levels. The junior high school has a music program that has 75% of kids participating. The high school emphasizes preparation for college and that planning begins already in 8th grade. They have foreign languages, technical trades, computer programming, art, music, and advanced courses for college credit.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-5 years old




We are ready to love a child of either gender

Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 5 years old

Ethnicity of ChildOur hearts are open to a child of any ethnicity
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to the type of contact that you makes you feel most comfortable. We are open to sharing letters, photos and yearly visits.

In Closing

Our family has a lot of love and support to give your child. We will provide many opportunities for your child to thrive. Whether it's music, sports, or educational pursuits, we will provide the encouragement and resources for your child to succeed. We have a great extended family who are eager to welcome your child. Our community provides so many options and great education for children. This is an amazing place for us to raise a family. We appreciate you considering our family for your child.

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