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Lifetime Adoption is one of the top American Christian adoption agencies. It was founded in 1986 as an Adoption Support and Referral Group by Founder Mardie Caldwell after her struggle with seven pregnancy losses and her own adoptions and working with women in crisis. The mission was and still is to help adoptive families and birth parents come together.

Completing approximately twelve to fifteen adoptions monthly, Lifetime’s specialty is assisting and supporting birth parents in their search to find qualified loving adoptive families. With the assistance of the Internet, Lifetime is able to provide adoption services and bring together prospective adoptive families and birth parents from all over the U.S. and military families overseas!

The founder and CEO, Mardie Caldwell, is a certified open adoption practitioner and is bonded and fully insured as an adoption facilitator, and has therefore created a successful open adoption agency. She operates Lifetime Adoption as a registered facilitator with the State of California under the provisions of the Registry of California Adoption Facilitators. Lifetime is also a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Sacramento, a member of the Grass Valley/Nevada County Chamber of Commerce and the California Association of Employers.

Lifetime Adoption staff helping adoptive parents find the right child for them
We are located at 400 Idaho Maryland Rd, Grass Valley, CA in The Foothills building.  In 2013, Mardie Caldwell opened Lifetime Adoption, Inc. in Florida, a licensed child-placing agency. We are excited to offer more services to birth mothers and families nationwide.

For more birth parent information on Lifetime, please visit our Birthparent Section. Adoptive families can learn more from the Adoptive Families area of our website.

On average, our adoption staff receives 300 phone calls daily and are available for emergencies 24-hours a day. Over the years, we have become known for our caring and genuine concern for the birth mothers’ well-being, before and after adoption. All clients are carefully screened for their suitability in our adoption programs.

Lifetime adoption cares for birth parents

Caring for Birth Parents

Lifetime provides birth parents with compassionate personalized attention and support regardless of the decision to adopt or parent. Birth parents receive quality help and outside compassionate non-judgmental counseling with goal setting and confidential decision-making. Medical, legal, public aid and housing referrals are available. Food closet and maternity clothing store is available to women as well through BirthMotherBlessing.com. Educational programs and scholarships for online and offline programs available by applying at LifetimeFoundation.org

Birth parents, through Lifetime’s Open Adoption Program, have the opportunity to choose the baby’s adoptive parents and meet the adoptive family. Lifetime encourages birth mothers to take a friend, mother, or the birth father along with them when meeting a prospective family. With the option to exchange on going letters and photos, birth parents can be assured of their children’s well-being in upbringing and children have the opportunity to know their genealogy, medical history and biological family. All of Lifetime’s services to birth parents are free.

Lifetime adoption aiding adoptive families

Aiding Adoptive Families

Lifetime maintains contracts with families who have a broad range of religions, races, ages and preferences for infants, older children and sibling groups. Lifetime provides adoptive families with a wealth of information pertaining to the adoption process, alleviating concern and guesswork. In addition to printed materials and online counseling, Lifetime offers free monthly webinars and teleconferences.

On behalf of adoptive families, Lifetime handles the initial screening of all birth parents on phone and, if possible, in person and through written questionnaire. Only qualified birth parents and adoptive families with matching profiles are linked for further conversations, avoiding false expectations and disappointment. A majority of Lifetime families are matched within a few weeks to less than a year.

In addition to facilitating adoptive family and birth parent matches, Lifetime arranges for the transfer of proof of pregnancy, medical releases and records, and written confirmation of future contact between the adoptive family and birth parents. Lifetime makes available to adoptive families referrals to attorneys and other adoption professionals nationwide, in order to help them complete their adoption. To culminate the adoption, Lifetime prepares a plan for the baby to leave the hospital with the adoptive family.

Lifetime, an open adoption agency, continues with follow-up care after birth and post-placement with both the adoptive family and birth parents.

As you’re considering adoption, this video can help you understand how open adoption works. The video shares the reality of open adoption from both the birth parent and adoptive family perspectives:

Lifetime’s Founder & CEO

mardie Founder and CEO, Mardie Caldwell, is a Certified open adoption practitioner and is bonded and fully insured as an adoption facilitator. As an award-winning author and recognized expert in the field of adoption, she is often called upon for her experience and knowledge by the media and other adoption organizations.

Lifetime has a national outreach program to educate the public and professionals about the benefits of adoption, and we are often called by the media for our expert opinion on adoption-related issues.

Lifetime Adoption Center is located in the beautiful Sierra foothills of Northern California. Our office is located in Grass Valley, CA, which is about one hour northeast of the California State Capital in Sacramento and 90 minutes west from beautiful Lake Tahoe. And in 2013, Mardie Caldwell opened Lifetime Adoption, Inc. in Florida, a licensed child-placing agency.

Mardie loves babies!

Mardie loves babies!

When traveling to see us, it is best to call ahead to let us know when you will be in our area. Appointments are recommended, but drop-in visits are welcomed. If you are traveling by plane, please find information regarding airports here.

For prospective adoptive families, we offer free informational webinars to find out more about how Lifetime can help you adopt successfully.

We encourage you to meet our staff and spend time visiting the gold mining towns with their charming shops and award-winning restaurants. Nearby, Nevada City is filled with beautiful Victorian homes, historical sites and theaters. You can take a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride through town or a walking tour. You, too, will experience the natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourists from around the world year round.

If visiting from out of state, it is easiest to fly into Sacramento International Airport, which is about 60 minutes from Grass Valley. During the summer months, flying into the Reno Airport in Nevada may sometimes be more affordable. It will take about 90 minutes to drive from the Reno Airport to our offices.

We are happy to recommend lodging and arrange for you to meet the staff with whom you will be working. It is easier if prospective adoptive families first have an application on file. For more information or to arrange for a private consultation for prospective adoptive families, call (530) 271-1740.

We look forward to helping you in your
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Lifetime Adoption California Seal of ApprovalLifetime Adoption is registered with the State of California under the provisions of the Registry of California Adoption Facilitators. (CA Family Code Section 8632.5)

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