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Welcome to Lifetime Adoption’s blog about adoption. Lifetime Adoption is a domestic adoption agency with over 35 years of experience creating families through infant adoption. We specialize in domestic adoption, which generally involves adopting a newborn or child up to six. As one of the top adoption agencies in America, we’ve made the dreams of parenthood come true for thousands of couples across the nation.

Our founder, Mardie Caldwell, established Lifetime after experiencing the joy of parenthood through adoption. Caldwell designed Lifetime’s successful adoption program to be what she needed when adopting her son. Over 35 years later, her adoption program guides families through each step of the way, educating and preparing hopeful adoptive parents for their Lifetime Adoption. Caldwell is also an adoption author; she has written six books and created this blog about adoption.

Open adoption is the most common type of domestic adoption today. In a modern open adoption, the birth parents select the adoptive parents for their baby. They view profiles and talk with adoptive couples before making their choice. After the adoption placement, there is usually some form of contact, from sharing pictures and supplying updates on the child to in-person visits once a year. Both the birth parents and the adoptive parents come to an agreement about what the post-adoption contact will be. You can learn much more about what open adoption looks like by reading this blog about adoption.

After deciding that they’d like to expand their family through adoption, most hopeful adoptive parents start prioritizing financial planning, researching adoption agencies, and reading up on open adoption. Lifetime’s blog about adoption covers articles on the adoption process, open adoption, parenting, financial, transracial adoption, and more.

Adoption can give you the family you’ve been praying for. It can be the most incredible journey and give you the greatest of blessings: a child of your own. As a hopeful adoptive parent, you’re able to provide a child with a happy, loving home. Read our adoptive families blog about adoption and get info on birth parents, what to expect in open adoption, adoption costs, and how to enjoy your adoption journey.

Lifetime can help you successfully adopt a baby or child, completing an Adoption for a Lifetime! To start with domestic adoption, you can complete our free application today. If you have questions, give us a call at 727-493-0933 and speak with one of Lifetime’s adoption professionals.

Is Adoption Counseling Right for Us?

Is Adoption Counseling Right for Us?

Adoption comes with unique challenges, and it is for this reason that some hopeful parents choose adoption counseling. Many qualified therapists are available as you walk through your adoption journey.   Seeking the help of a licensed counselor is a valuable tool...

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How Has DNA Testing Transformed Adoption?

How Has DNA Testing Transformed Adoption?

If you're an adoptee, your family tree may be a little more complicated than the family trees of others, particularly if you were adopted before open adoptions became standard. As a result, you may have gaps in your ancestry that you've always been curious about and...

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