What is open adoption?

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Open adoption can mean many things, from just speaking over the phone with a birth mother, or having a single meeting with your birth mother, to ongoing letters and photos, phone calls, or visits after the adoption. The degree of contact is something to be agreed upon between the adoptive parents and the birth parents.

Lifetime Adoption supports some degree of openness among all members of the adoption triad (the birth parents, adoptive families, and children). It is widely believed that such openness, in most adoptions, is in the best interest of all parties, and has proven to result in safer adoptions with fewer reclaims.

For you, the adoptive parent, it is also helpful to have the opportunity to know your child’s medical history. With some conditions it is vital to know of any medical problems that may arise as the child grows into adulthood. In addition, should a rare situation arise that your child needs something from a biological relative, you would be able to find one easily.

Many birth parents seek contact through periodic letters, emails and photos, or possibly phone calls, from the adoptive family. In most all cases, birth parents who choose open adoption are simply seeking reassurance that their birth child is growing up safe and happy.

Some birth families do not want any further contact after the adoption until the child is 18 years old. The choice is as much the birth parents’ as it is yours. The degree of openness you seek will be taken into consideration during the matching process. We ask our parties to honor their commitment, once made.

To learn more information about open adoption, visit OpenAdoption.com.

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When beginning the process of even thinking of adoption, my husband and I were not sure where to start. Being a Christian household, when we came across Lifetime Adoption Agency, we were definitely interested in learning more. From the first phone call, we were “sold” on wanting to work with such an amazing team. I say team because everyone involved in helping us throughout our journey along the way played such a special role. Along with your assigned coordinator, you have a group of dedicated people helping you, encouraging you, checking in with you, and motivating you to get things done. When we had questions, they were answered… when we had concerns while waiting, they were addressed. This is an awesome agency that not only takes care of the adoptive parents, but the birth mothers as well. A major part of that is their take on open adoption: which was something that we were educated on by Lifetime. Our wait time went from about a year and a half to a phone call asking us to get on the road ASAP to meet our little one who was about to be born… With a somewhat last minute situation, Lifetime stayed in contact with us the entire time (throughout the night into the next day!). Lifetime goes above and beyond… we are so grateful for our forever family. Thank you, Christie and the Lifetime Team!”

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