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sharing at training boothIf you advise or counsel on pregnancy options, it is your responsibility to talk about adoption with every woman you see. Without accurate knowledge of what open adoption is, pregnant women are unable to make an informed decision about adoption.
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Lifetime has the experience, materials, and message to help you confidently present adoption to every client, every time.

Lifetime Adoption Agency works nationwide to assist birth parents and adoptive families through the adoption process and to build greater awareness and education of modern-day open adoption. With resources and tips from licensed, caring adoption professionals, along with Lifetime’s unique training and support, you will be equipped and confident sharing adoption with women.

“It’s so simple, and yet I think we have a tendency to ‘overthink’ what the conversation should look like.”

We can help you understand open adoption and empower you to easily communicate the options to the pregnant women you serve. Adoption is not the right choice for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, but every woman needs to know the choices she has with adoption. Women from every background and situation will benefit from knowing the truth about adoption, whether it helps her to make a plan for her child or to help a friend facing a crisis pregnancy.

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Our exclusive adoption training provides:

  • Live webinar or pre-recorded adoption training by experienced professionals.
  • Answers to commonly asked questions, such as “How to respond to a client who says ‘I could never give my baby away?’”
  • Tips for successfully presenting adoption to every woman.
  • Adoption products for your facility and clients.
  • Downloads you can print.
  • And more!

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Online Training Session

My team and I want to express our gratitude for your time and training. We all agree that this was one of the best adoption trainings we have received. The information you shared was clear and relevant to the work we do here. We enjoyed that the information was all focused towards what and how we can share it with clients. The outline was well organized and helpful.

Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic, Northridge, CA

We are very impressed with your organization and your resources! Very much geared toward the clients of this digital age.

Is This Training Right For Me?

Lifetime adoption training materialsMost healthcare professionals have a similar experience when it comes to discussing adoption. It goes something like this…

“Have you considered adoption as an option for your pregnancy?”

“I could never give my baby away!”

And the conversation ends. The topic has been brought up, the patient shut it down, and we all move happily along to the next subject. But the woman in front of you has not been properly informed of her options. She doesn’t know what adoption is like today, and her words give it away!

Modern, open adoption is not giving a baby away. Women design thoughtful, custom adoption plans and make the choices for their child. Yet the fact remains that most people who discuss pregnancy options find it difficult to communicate this, especially after a client states that she could “never give my baby away!”

If you think…

  • My clients don’t want adoption.
  • She’s married. She doesn’t need to know about adoption.
  • I don’t feel confident talking about open adoption.
  • Adoption shouldn’t come up unless she asks about it.
  • Everyone knows what adoption is like.

… then this training is for YOU!

“I think this training was very valuable.
It really deepened our understanding and I have shared a lot of what was shared in the session with others.
We really appreciate your support and expertise.”

Diana, I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for the training you did today. It truly exceeded our expectations. I wish you could have seen the faces in the audience because they were listening to every word and many were taking notes. You have such a personal warmth across a video conference which is truly a gift and the information you provided was invaluable.
Our volunteers were singing your praises :-). They really felt they have the information to plant those seeds. Who knows how many lives will be saved by your teaching…..but God knows.
Thank you again, Tracey

How does Lifetime Adoption Training work?

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We offer both pre-recorded and live training via webinar for your team. It’s as easy as making a phone call or submitting an email, and letting us know what dates you are seeking. We provide training from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

We have already had adoption training, why do we need more?

Ongoing training from professionals who work with birth mothers will help your team feel more confident in presenting the choices to women considering their pregnancy options. For organizations that use volunteers in their pregnancy options counseling or those that receive Title X funds, this is vital. Remember, your team cannot ensure clients are fully informed about adoption if they themselves are unclear of what adoption looks like today.

Hello! You are such a blessing! First of all, thank you for your time and devotion to such a beautiful alternative. And you are equipping these for service to share with others who may not know what to do and may otherwise choose a path that may bring regrets and sorrow. I learn something new every time you give a presentation. After you got off the line, the ladies started sharing their own stories. Wow, they were so quiet while you talked- tentative listeners. But after, it all came out. We had a great discussion time. Thank you once again for depositing your wisdom for adoption and life.
May the Lord richly bless you and your family, Cathy

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Adoption Brochures and Materials

Lifetime can provide your center with adoption brochures and materials that communicate to your clients what their choices are through adoption. Click to see our full catalog.

How can Lifetime Adoption Agency help my client?

Lifetime Adoption is a licensed adoption agency that works nationwide. We have structured our program to meet the needs of today’s woman. We are available to help your client through:

  • Our 24-Hour Adoption Talk and Text Line: 1-800-923-6784
  • More than 100 adoption websites, meeting women where they are.
  • Live chat and texting, available through all of Lifetime’s websites.
  • Sending adoption information confidentially, in unmarked envelopes.
  • Materials to download online.
  • Counseling, both licensed counseling and peer support.
  • Adoption App for smart phones.

All of our services are confidential and non-judgmental. There is never any obligation for a client to choose adoption just by researching her options. All of the information will be mailed or emailed as quickly as possible.

Adoption training brochures
Click here to see our adoption
brochures, pocket cards, and more!

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Lifetime has been assisting with open adoptions since 1986. Our full adoption agency services include help for pregnancy related expenses, counseling, referrals for college scholarships for women who have placed a child for adoption, and much more! We walk women through the adoption process step by step, including being there after the adoption, for her Lifetime.




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