Learn About our Caring Staff at Lifetime Adoption Center

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., Founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption
Mardie Caldwell,
C.O.A.P. Founder & CEO
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Heather Featherston, Director
Heather Featherston

Diane Schafer, Director of Adoption Services
Diane Schafer
Director of Adoption Services (CA)
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Linda Rotz, Director of Adoption Services (FL)
Linda Rotz
Director of Adoption Services (FL)
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Veronica Hofheinz, Senior Adoption Coordinator
Veronica Hofheinz
Senior Adoption Coordinator
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Katelyn Jackson, Adoption Coordinator
Katelyn Jackson
Adoption Coordinator
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Tiffany Bayless, Adoption Support Coordinator
Tiffany Bayless
Adoption Support Coordinator
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Christie Martin, Adoption Coordinator
Christie Martin
Adoption Coordinator
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Renatta Heuer, Adoptive Family Coordinator
Renatta Heuer
Adoptive Family Coordinator
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Robyn Moore, Adoptive Family Coordinator
Robyn Moore
Adoptive Family Coordinator
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Libby Denniston, Graphic Designer
Libby Denniston
Graphic Designer &
Outreach Coordinator
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Jen Donnelly, Adoptive Family Coordinator
Jen Donnelly
Adoptive Family Coordinator
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Rebecca Taoka, Adoptive Family Coordinator
Rebecca Taoka
Adoptive Family Coordinator
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Kimberly King, Adoptive Family Coordinator
Kim King
Adoptive Family Coordinator
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Diana Vandra, Adoption Outreach Education Coordinator
Diana Vandra
Adoption Outreach &
Education Coordinator
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Katie Leathley, Social Media Assistant
Katie Leathley
Profile & Social Media Assistant
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Katherine Dorland, Profile Coordinator
Katherine Dorland
Profile Coordinator
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Stephanie Jakubowski, Adoptive Family Assistant
Stephanie Jakubowski
Adoptive Family Assistant
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Joan Oas, Office Manager
Joan Oas
Office Manager
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Chari Bockelmann, Accounting and Human Resources
Chari Bockelmann
Controller, Accounting &
Human Resources
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Rhonda Peterson, Executive Assistant
Rhonda Peterson
Executive Assistant
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Heidi Keefer, Content Creator and Video Coordinator
Heidi Keefer
Content Creator &
Video Coordinator
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Becky O'Connor, Web Designer
Becky O’Connor
Web Designer
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Julia Pavan, Online Communications Support
Julia Pavan
Online Communications Support
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Jorge Rosas, Facilities Manager
Jorge Rosas
Facilities Manager
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Placing Agency.

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Lifetime Adoption California Seal of ApprovalLifetime Adoption is registered with the State of California under the provisions of the Registry of California Adoption Facilitators. (CA Family Code Section 8632.5)

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