Office Manager

Joan’s job at Lifetime involves ordering supplies, fielding phone calls, sending packets and birthmother blessings, and overseeing the maintenance of our office facility. She began working at Lifetime in 2007 and especially enjoys being part of a team and encouraging all employees. Recently, Joan was able to meet an adoptive family who came to Lifetime’s office with their new baby. About the experience, Joan said, “It was exciting to meet them because I had talked with them on the phone and also with their birthmother.”

As an adoptive mother to two daughters, Joan knows first-hand what is involved in the process of bringing together a birthmother and an adoptive family.

She has been married for 37 years and prior to coming to Lifetime, she and her husband owned a bed & breakfast. Joan’s hobbies include sewing, decorating, and meeting in a weekly Bible study group.

When asked about Joan, another Lifetime staffer had these words of praise to share: “She is calm in the midst of the storm! She has a humble spirit and is a pleasure to work with.” Another shares “Joan always makes a work day easier at Lifetime. Her knowledge, experience, and service shouldn’t go without a big ‘thank you!'”

Fast Facts About Joan

Favorite Food: Shrimp scampi
Favorite Holiday: July 4th, which is also my birthday!
Favorite Indulgence: Chocolate whipped cream cake
Favorite Movie: It’s Complicated
A perfect day to me is… Sitting by a lake with friends, laughing and encouraging one another.

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