Lifetime Babies


Looking for successful adoptions? Enjoy some of the photos of Lifetime Adoption babies and read success stories about the most recently adopted babies and children! This page also has updates on Lifetime babies and children adopted in years past. Lifetime has been connecting adoptive couples and birth parents through the open adoption process since 1986. Our mission has always been to create a bond through open adoption that benefits everyone, especially the child.

If you’re thinking about adopting, each story you read provides insight and encouragement. These successful adoptions will help you keep faith through it all. Each one of these photos illustrates just how many families are full of love and hope and ready to adopt a baby. The families are all fully vetted and must pass a home study evaluation to make sure that they are ready to bring a child into their home. There is no greater gift for your child than to give them the best life possible.
Would you like to learn about how you can adopt a baby or child through Lifetime? Call us at (727) 493-0933 or request information.