Frequently Asked Questions by Adoptive Parents

Do you have questions about the infant adoption process? Maybe you’re wondering which steps to take to begin your journey to become an adoptive family through infant adoption, or you’re wondering what our adoption situations are like.

Adoptive parent questions about adopting a babyWhen you’re hoping to adopt a baby, there’s a lot to learn! One of the best ways to prepare for your own path to adoption is to get answers from experts who work with the type of adoption you’re pursuing. On this page, you’ll find expert answers to the questions people ask when they are thinking about adopting a baby, and when they’re considering Lifetime to help them adopt. You’ll learn a lot about what to expect, and get to know Lifetime better too.
There is a lot to learn and many questions to be answered when you decide you want to adopt. Even before you officially think of yourself as “hoping to adopt” there are terms, steps, and questions that every future adoptive parent will need to understand to reach their personal adoption dream successfully. There are many important questions when it comes to adopting a child. It’s wise to learn as much as possible, so you know what to expect!
Below we’ve answered many of the adoption questions that we are frequently asked. Whether you’ve been researching adoption for a while, or if you’re just starting to gather information, these questions are an excellent resource for you to equip yourself better as you build a family through adoption.

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Questions About Lifetime Adoption

1. Do you ever have twins?

2. If I adopt a newborn, how old is the baby when I receive him/her?

3. Do you have newborns or infants now?

4. How many adoptions does Lifetime do a year?

5. Do you have any guarantee?

6. How long does it take to adopt through Lifetime?

7. Is there a fee to apply for your program?

8. Are there any states you cannot work with adoptive parents?

9. Where are you located?

10. Do you have a waiting list?

11. What happens if after two years we still do not have a child?

12. Can we select the gender of the child?

13. Who is eligible to adopt?

14. Your success rate is much higher than most other adoption organizations, why?

15. What do we need to get started?

16. What happens if the birth mom changes her mind before or after placement?

17. As an adoptive family, what can we do to speed up the adoption process?

18. Are the birth mother situations listed on your site still available?

19. Do you offer payments or have resources for adoption loans?

20. What is open adoption?

About Lifetime’s Safe and Successful Adoption Program

1. Will prospective birth parents be calling us?

2. Do all families who go through Lifetime adopt?

3. What happens in the event the baby is born and there are medical problems we feel we can’t handle?

4. We are signed up with an agency in our state, but have had no luck. We would like to get as much exposure and help as possible. Will you work with a family that is signed up with another organization?

5. Do you have age requirements for adoptive parents?

6. Do you accept applications from single parents?

7. We live out of town, and would like to meet in person. Is this possible?

8. How do we handle the paperwork for our adoption, since we live in a different state?

9. Will you help us prepare an adoption profile?

10. If we don’t have an attorney, how do we find one?

11. When a birth mother requests families be sent to her, how is it determined what families she receives?

12. I have heard that you offer private, personalized one-on-one adoption consultations. How do I get more information on this?

13. What is the procedure to be presented to a birth mother through Lifetime?

14. What is a home study?

About Adopting Through Lifetime

1. I noticed you have older children seeking homes. Where are these children living now?

2. How can we prevent a scam?

3. How can we learn more about your organization, since we live in another state?

4. Does Lifetime Adoption accept credit cards when paying for payment of adoption fees?

5. What size is your staff at the Lifetime Center?

6. We already have children, can we still adopt with Lifetime?

7. We are just starting out – what services do you offer for newbies to adoption?

8. Our state doesn’t allow us to use adoption facilitators, can we adopt through the Florida placement agency?

9. Where do we get our home study done?

10. Can we adopt if we are just living together?

11. We live in another state. Can you still help us adopt?

12. Are you available if we need to reach you after hours or on the weekend?

13. Do we need a home study before we contract with Lifetime?

14. Does Lifetime have references of families that have successfully completed an adoption?

15. What is the total cost of adoption?

16. Do I need to be an American citizen or live in the United States to adopt through Lifetime Adoption?

17. How old do you have to be to adopt?

18. We are US citizens living overseas, can you work with us?

19. Does Lifetime Adoption handle or help with embryo adoption?

About the Babies, Children, and Birth Parents

1. What about the baby’s health?

2. Will birth parents consider a family outside of their area?

3. In the Lifetime Adoption programs do you place children with adoptive parents?

4. What does bi-racial or mixed race mean?

5. We are working with another adoption professional, but have not had any luck. Can you help us?

6. What about confidentiality?

7. Where do your birth parents and children come from?

8. How do birth mothers communicate?

9. What ages and ethnic backgrounds of children do you have available?

“As for the webinars, they continue to be both helpful and encouraging. I am particularly looking forward to the one about comparison as this is something that I struggle with sometimes. Just have to remind myself that there is a birth mother out there who will see us and know we are the perfect fit.”

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