Do you ever have twins?

Twin newborn baby girls sleeping on adoptive mom's lap

Thirza and Keith’s Twins, Kyla and Trinity

Yes, we do have twins that are placed for adoption! We happily see our families blessed with adopting newborn twins a few times each year. Welcoming more than one baby into your family will simply increase the amount of joy and love all around. In any year, we might have two to three sets of newborn twins for adoption amid over 100 adoptions on average that we perform per year.

Many times when a couple is matched with a birth mother having twins, their first question is, “Does adopting twins cost more in adoption fees?” The answer to this is no. In the event of multiple births, Lifetime Adoption’s flat fees are the same as a single birth. We don’t charge an additional fee for twins. Our families are paying for our services, not for a child or children. If your adoption preferences include being open to adopting twins, then you will be considered for any twin opportunities that we receive that are a match within your preferences.

You will find additional costs, however, when it comes to legal fees and sometimes medical fees if you are assisting the birth mother with her medical expenses. Your adoption attorney will have to file double the paperwork, so this will increase your attorney fees. A birth mother carrying twins will often need to see the doctor more often, and many times a C-section will be required. Many twins also spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit if they are small. Thirza and Keith were thrilled to be called and told a birth mother carrying twins had picked them. Their girls arrived at 35 weeks so they spent time in the NICU. Girls are now doing wonderful and now life is a whirlwind for this happy family.

There are also additional costs when bringing two babies home. You will need two cribs, additional food and clothing costs, and so on. And, if both of you work outside the home, double the daycare bills. Consider if this is feasible for your family. Many believe it must be cheaper to have two at once, but the reality is that costs double. For instance, down the line, you may find you need to pay for college for two at the same time.

Adopting twins is very exciting but be sure you are ready. It really is also twice the work. Make sure you have support from friends and family. Newborn twins take a lot of energy, and you probably won’t get a lot of sleep in the beginning. Enjoy every sleepless moment, though, because this phase will pass so quickly, and you will look back on those midnight feedings and miss that special time spent with your little ones.

For families who specifically want only twins and are wondering how to start this process, all adoption agencies will see that as extremely limiting. Only being open to twins will most likely increase your wait time to adopt by a lot, if your adoption professional will even allow it – few will. Newborn twins are really an extra blessing because most all waiting families are open to them. It is best to be open to adopting twins but not to make that your goal. You may consider being open to sibling groups if you are hoping to expand your family by more than one child.

Periodically twins that are toddlers or older children may be an opportunity as well. If that is an option for you, it may broaden your preferences and provide more opportunities to be chosen as adoptive parents.

So that there are no surprises or issues as you move through the journey to adoption, we encourage you to be fully informed on the process of adopting twins. For instance, an adoption home study is a required part of your adoption process. If you are considering adopting twins, you will want to make sure your home study professional is aware of the fact that you are open to adopting twins so she can verify that you are approved to adopt more than one child at the same time.

Joe and Shanna with their twins

Joe and Shanna with their twins, Connor and Joey

Please feel free to contact Lifetime Adoption for any questions on twin adoption by calling 727-493-0933. Adoption is a unique process, joining two parties together to begin a new story. We suggest that you write down your questions about the process of adopting twins, and any questions you have on open adoption so you’ll have them ready to ask when you call Lifetime. Joe and Shanna were thrilled to adopt twins Connor and Joey. They are now up all night, twins are really double the pleasure, double the fun. They also enjoy sharing pictures and updates with the birth mother who is delighted to see her boys doing so well. Open adoption benefits everyone involved in the adoption.

An excellent first step to take with Lifetime is to apply. By completing our free online application, you’re helping us learn more about you and your adoption goals. Our application does not obligate you to work with us and can be found online at LifetimeAdoption.com/apply. Once we know your specific adoption goals more clearly, we’re able to tell you what to expect as far as average wait time and what to expect. We look forward to learning more about you when you apply!

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I was doing a Google search for adoption agencies and getting overwhelmed, so I started calling each one. I got no response from a few, one doesn’t handle my state, and then I reached somebody at your agency. They took the time to answer all my questions, and assured me that the cost of adoption would be tailored to fit my situation.

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Yes! We happily see our families blessed with adopting twins a number of times each year.

In the event of multiple births, Lifetime Adoption flat fees are the same as a single birth. We don’t charge an additional fee for twins. Our families are paying for our services, not for a child or children. Please feel free to contact us for any questions on twin adoption.

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