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For the expert and caring adoption coordinators at Lifetime Adoption, the adoption process includes a wide range of activities. Expectant mothers can choose from a variety of options to help them make the best decision for themselves and their babies. Lifetime helps women who come to us with their questions, such as “How does adoption work?” , “Is it too late for adoption?”, “How do I put a baby up for adoption?”, and “What if my child is already born, can I still do adoption?”

Since 1986, Lifetime Adoption has been one of America’s leading adoption agencies. Over those years, we’ve created a successful program of open adoption. We help women find answers the questions above and provide ongoing support to birth mothers at no cost to them — ever.

How Does the Adoption Process Work: Lifetime Adoption Agency

The adoption process at Lifetime Adoption Agency includes peer support; these are conversations with former birth mothers who made the loving choice to place their child for adoption. These women have the experience and the understanding to help expectant moms because they’ve been through the adoption process.

You can access birth mother videos and conversations with women who have worked with Lifetime Adoption in the past. These videos and other resources, such as blogs, help birth mothers understand how the adoption process works and the unique services Lifetime Adoption offers an expectant mother considering open adoption.

An important element of the process includes the creation of an adoption plan. There are many considerations an expectant mother looking into adoption has to navigate and an adoption plan is a way to create a thoughtful roadmap that allows you to navigate the various considerations and develop a plan that works best for your unique situation and environment.

Adoption Plans

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Lifetime Adoption will work with you to build a custom adoption plan. You will be in charge of what is in the adoption plan, but we take care of all the details.

You may choose to focus on finding an adoptive family. We have so many families waiting to adopt a child. You can review prospective adoptive parents from across the country who have all gone through background checks and are ready to adopt. Your coordinator will help you narrow down your choices based on your preferences.

You may want to discuss how much, if any, contact you would like to have with your baby and your baby’s new family after the adoption. This is one of the wonderful things about open adoption; it allows you to make an agreement with the adopting family and stay a part of your child’s life as much or as little as you want.

Finally, you can also decide what happens at the hospital. Choose who will be in the delivery room and how much time you want to spend with the newborn after delivery.

It’s all up to you! And these are just a few of the things that go into the adoption planning process.

Final Thoughts About The Adoption Process

Every woman has questions about the adoption process, including how it works and what are the steps to adoption. Lifetime Adoption has been working with expectant mothers considering adoption since 1986 and is here to help you navigate the process, develop an adoption plan, and review families for consideration. 

With modern adoptions, pregnant women are in control of their choices. You make the adoption decisions about your body, your baby, and your adoption plan. You decide how to receive help, how much help you would like to receive, and what you would like that help and support to look like.

Here are a few of the things that Lifetime Adoption helps with — always confidential and at no cost ever for birth mothers:

If you are already parenting a young child, you too can make the decisions about an adoption plan. Because your child is already born, the adoption process may look a little different, but the adoption decisions are still the same and all the adoption choices remain yours.

If you would like to speak privately to a caring adoption coordinator, you may call or text us anytime at 1-800-923-6784. All services are free to you, confidential, and you are under no obligation to choose adoption.

We are ready to discuss the type of adoption you want to have. Our adoption services include helping birth mothers learn about our adoption program, home studies, and the cost of adoption (this only applies to those who adopt children; our services are free to birth mothers).

Please note that as a private, domestic adoption agency we don’t typically work on intercountry adoptions or international adoptions. We can help you learn more about support groups, social workers, and other things that may help both before and post-adoption.

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