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From the Heart…
Click to read letters from Lifetime birthmothers, sharing their stories and hopes for the future.

Birth Fathers’ Adoption Legal Rights
The father of your baby has legal rights that are important to know and understand. Lifetime Adoption can help you speak with an attorney at no cost if you have questions about birth father rights.

Read letters from past Lifetime birthmothers

CPS Alternative
If CPS or drug use has been a concern of yours, consider giving your child the gift of a lifetime. Get private, confidential, non-judgmental answers to your questions.

How to Find Adoptive Parents
Not sure how to choose the right adoptive parents for your baby? This article helps you decide what’s important as you make your pick.

I’m Pregnant and Making an Adoption Plan for My Baby
Learn about the three major choices you have as you consider your adoption options.

I’m Interested in Making an Adoption Plan for my Child
Read our answer to the question “How do I give my child up for adoption?” which is often asked by mothers who are struggling to parent.

Insurance and Financial Resources
Information for women who are either pregnant or taking care of an infant.

The Reality of the Date Rape Drug

Find out some of the leading date rape drugs and the harmful effects that they can cause. Also, learn some preventable tips that can help you avoid being a victim.

A Cherished Experience
A birthmother’s journey through her adoption and the choices that she made.

Read a poem dedicated to birthmothers

Legacy of an Adopted Child
A poem celebrating both birthmother and adoptive mother in the life of an adopted child.

Poetry for People Touched by Adoption
A collection of poems for birth parents and adoptive parents alike. Touching and heartfelt, it expresses the emotions which are sometimes difficult to find the words for.

What’s the best way to move forward after an adoption plan is made?
This can be a hard time, especially if you don’t have support from family and friends. Your feelings are real and your emotions can’t be turned off or ignored. They will come up later in life, and later might not be as good a time as now to deal with them.

Lifetime Letters
A collection of letters written by both birth families and adoptive families.

What Our Birthmothers Say
“I really love my baby and have struggled with adoption, but I don’t want to bring my baby up in poverty.”
– Becky A. in Washington

Traveling by Air to Visit Your Lifetime Adoption Team
We encourage prospective adoptive and birth families to come and meet our staff personally whenever possible.

Other Adoption Websites

Crisis Pregnancy Online Provides information about unplanned pregnancy and honest information about your options.

Pregnancy Help Online Information about pregnancy options, symptoms, and answers to questions for unexpected pregnancies. Especially good for pregnant teens.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation Provides educational scholarships to birthmothers who have placed children for adoption.

Learn more about the choice of adoption through these adoption websitesAfrican American Adoptions Online Providing help, services, and counseling to African American and bi-racial women considering adoption.

Hispanic Adoption Services Helping find safe and loving families for all Hispanic babies and children.

East Indian Adoption
Confidential adoption services to help provide assistance for East Indian women during an unplanned pregnancy.

If you cannot find the information or referrals that you need,
please call us at 1-800-923-6784.

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