Benefits of Adoption

benefits of adoption
An unplanned pregnancy can make you feel like you are alone. It can be shocking and emotional, especially if you aren’t ready or don’t want to be a mom. Physically, you may feel exhausted both from early pregnancy symptoms and conflicting feelings about the pregnancy.

Your feelings and uncertainties can make work, school, and your relationships difficult, especially if your pregnancy is a secret. You may feel like you will be unable to complete school or balance work with a pregnancy. This may be hard if you have no support from your family, friends, or the baby’s father.

Adoption for an unplanned pregnancy is the choice that thousands of women make each year. They are not ready emotionally, financially, or physically to provide for a child, or they just don’t want to be a mom right now. Some are already mothers and know they can’t add one more.

Women who choose adoption for an unplanned pregnancy are not giving up. It is not the easy way out. They are choosing to give more to their child than they are able to today.

But my family says this child is my responsibility.

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you are ready to be a mother. Adoption is a responsible choice that allows you to choose the life you want for your child while receiving updates if you desire. By choosing your child’s parents, you can choose the type of life he or she will have.

You are able to continue with your plans, creating a solid foundation by finishing school and starting your career. By building a solid support system, you’ll be able to reach your goals.

Will my baby benefit from an open adoption?

Yes! Your child will grow strong in the truth, that you made the best choice you could for them. They will know about your choice and will have the opportunity to know you if you wish.

Open adoption is all about your choices and is never goodbye forever. There are a number of benefits of adoption. Contact one of our coordinators for answers, support, and assistance.



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