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There are many reasons why women consider placing a child for adoption. Some are teens and haven’t finished high school yet, and just aren’t ready to become parents. Others have just gotten a positive pregnancy test and this is an unplanned pregnancy. Still, others already have children they’re struggling to feed, and so adding another child just isn’t possible. Just as their life situations are different, so does what they hope to find in adoptive parents. Here are some examples of our birth mothers looking for adoptive parents:

“I’m expecting a baby boy and I’m 32 weeks along. I live in Washington and would like an adoptive family living nearby, so I can visit my son once or twice a year. I was a smoker before I found out I was pregnant, but I’ve cut down a lot since then.”

“I’m African American and so is my baby’s father. We’re hoping to place with an African American couple who are religious and attend church regularly. I’d like to stay in touch through emails and Facebook after I choose adoption for my baby.”

“I got pregnant off a one night stand. Neither of us are ready to be parents! I’d like for the adoption center to pick the family for my baby. And, once I put my baby up for adoption, I don’t want any contact in the future.”

“Right now, I’m parenting four small children on my own and I feel adoption for my fifth child would be best. I want to place my baby up for adoption with an adoptive family who feels education is as important as I do. I want my baby to have more educational opportunities than I did.  I’d like an open adoption with letters, photos, and visits.”

“I grew up Catholic and so I’d like to place my baby girl with a couple who are devout Catholics. I’d love it if the couple would send me updates on my daughter through letters, emails, and photos. I don’t have any insurance, so I’ll need help paying some of the medical costs for this pregnancy.”


Here are 4 short videos of birth mothers sharing their adoption story, and how they came to choose adoption:



You can read more about what other people are looking for in Christian domestic adoption on our page Birthparents Seeking Families. The situations listed on that page are kept private from the public; we don’t include names or any info that would reveal who they are. But, the situations there are actual women that Lifetime is in the process of helping find adoptive parents. All of the birth mothers listed there are in different stages of working with Lifetime. They might be:

  • Viewing adoptive family profiles
  • Interviewing Lifetime adoptive families over the phone
  • In the steps of starting an adoption plan
  • Getting counseling or peer counseling as they decide what to do
  • Setting up WIC, Medicaid, or other assistance that’ll help them through their pregnancy and to do adoption at no cost
  • Thinking about adoption using the facts, resources, and materials we’ve sent them

Are you thinking about placing a child for adoption and would like to find adoptive parents for your child? Know that it’s never too late to choose adoption. Lifetime has had birth mothers start an adoption plan from the hospital, in the early stages of labor. You could even wait to get started with adoption until after your baby is born. The choices are yours!



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