Do you have questions about the adoption process? Below you’ll find answers to many questions frequently asked about adoption by pregnant women and others considering adoption. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have. Is your baby’s mother considering adoption? Take a look at our Birth Father Questions.

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1. Why choose Lifetime Adoption Center?

2. Are there any costs to me?

3. Why choose adoption?

4. Is it selfish to consider adoption?

5. How are adoptive families screened?

6. Is open adoption safe & legal?

7. What is Open or Semi Open Adoption?

8. If I don’t see a family on the site that meets my needs, do you have other families to select from?

9. What if I go into labor, can you work with me from the hospital?

10. Can I select a family from a state other than my own?

11. My child is older; do you have families that are interested in older children?

12. What age range are most of your birth mothers?

13. I am married and the father of the baby is not my husband. Can you help?

14. Some of my friends say I should keep my baby and that children belong with their birth parents, what should I do?