My Baby Will be African American…

Do you Have Black Families Available?

African American Adoptive Family

A: Yes!

With infertility on the rise, more childless African American and biracial couples are turning to adoption to build their families.

Visit Lifetime Adoptions sister site, African American Adoptions Online. There you can view adoptive families who are waiting to adopt an African American or biracial child. You can read about the lifestyles of these prospective adoptive families. You can also view their photos before speaking to them on the phone about adopting your baby.

From the standpoint of the adoption agency, African American adoptions are no different than any other adoption. All adoptions involve a birth mother and/or birth father making the loving choice to place their baby for adoption.

All adoptions also involve an adoption plan. This allows waiting families and birth parents to go through the adoption process together if they choose. This is known as open adoption.

Lifetime Adoption

As an adoption agency that has open domestic adoption programs, Lifetime Adoption is in a good place to find an adoption home for black babies. 

There are many reasons why birth parents choose adoption for their children. Sometimes, birth parents are simply not ready to be parents. Other times, they make the choice to place their baby for adoption because it takes a lot of money to support a child.

Many birth moms have career and education goals that they can’t postpone or abandon in order to care for the child.

Fortunately, there are so many wonderful families who would like to adopt black children. Adopted African American children or biracial babies are often adopted by parents of similar backgrounds. Our adoption services are designed to find the best home for the child’s welfare.

As we mentioned above, we work with our sister organization, African American Adoptions Online, to assist African American couples who want to adopt. We help by working with birth moms to research and get to know our African American families waiting to adopt.

Our staff and resources can help birth parents. They can read about the lifestyles of any of our prospective adoptive families. They can look through photos before speaking to them on the phone or in person.

In fact, it is quite common for a birth mom to find more than one family that she likes. Then she can decide to get to know each family a little better.

Remember: You can call or text us anytime — 24 hours a day. You may also want to get started by exploring profiles of families waiting to adopt. We have many resources available to you, including a free adoption kit, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lifetime Adoption.

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