Adoption Isn’t “Giving My Baby Away”

Adoptive mother with her children and their birth momBirth mothers are often depicted in the media as women who “give up” their babies for adoption. From movies, to talk shows, and even to casual chats with friends, the words “give up” is often said in connection to adoption. But adoption doesn’t mean you’re giving away or giving up.

“Giving up” or “giving away” isn’t what a birth mother is doing when she makes an adoption plan. The truth is that she’s choosing to give her child a life she may not be able to right now. A life with two parents and the security they want for their child. By choosing adoption over abortion, these women aren’t thinking about themselves. They’re thinking about their baby’s needs and choose adoption out love for their child.

Modern Adoption

Today, adoptions work much differently than they did decades ago. Back then, a woman had to just hand her baby over to the adoptive family, never to see or hear from them again. She didn’t know where or how her child grew up.

Today, birth mothers can see for themselves how their baby is doing as he or she grows up with open adoption. They stay in contact with the adoptive family and their child through phone calls, emails, social media, letters, and visits.

Adoption Isn’t “Giving Up” or “Giving Away”

When women choose adoption, they’re also choosing the life they dream of for their child. From values and faith to family traditions and education, she can pick a family that meets all of her hopes for her child. So instead of “giving up” her baby, a birth mother is doing the opposite.

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, you can always choose adoption. Even if your child has already been born, Lifetime can help you.

You can talk with an Adoption Coordinator confidentially and with no obligation to get more open adoption facts, by calling 1-800-923-6784.

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