There are many factors that affect the total costs of adoption, so the average cost of adoption varies for each situation.

Our adoptions tend to be more affordable than other professionals, with greater success, less failed adoptions, and more services for your money. Our fee is a one-time flat fee, allowing you to set up a budget and plan for what you intend to spend.

Our fee is paid by adoptive parents for a two-year contract. In special circumstances, there are adoption grants for families to help defray the cost of adoption in order to find loving homes for children. Click here to find out more information about adoption grants that may be available to you.

To learn more about Lifetime’s services and adoptive family fees, please request more information here.

Adoptive parents will need to budget for fixed and flexible adoption costs. Attorney and home study fees are definite, whereas location and travel costs may be considered flexible expenses. If the child is in another state, you will need to plan for travel expenses. Another expense is photo and printing costs for your family profiles. In addition, some states allow adoptive parents to pay pregnancy related expenses for the birth mother, if they wish. Adoptive parents let us know their budget in advance and we work toward keeping this in mind when a birth parent has expenses. Please note, however, that some state laws prohibit adopting parents from paying birth mother expenses. You’ll need to check with your attorney to see what, if any, birth mother expenses you would be allowed to pay.

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