All of our families who have stayed in the adoption program and followed the requested steps have been offered an adoption situation that meets their criteria. We have at rare times extended our contract, if all steps have been taken by the adoptive family.

We have families that contract and then never provide profiles, or turn down numerous birth mothers or children that meet their exact requirements. We allow families choices: you do not have to accept any birth mother you are not comfortable with, but you should not turn down a situation for frivolous reasons.

Adoptive families must be prepared to move quickly, should a situation require it. With any pregnancy, either one’s own or through a birth mother, we can’t always plan around convenience or scheduled events.

We ask our families to be available to birth mothers and to commit to the process of adoption. We work hard for our families to help them find their Lifetime child. We screen our adoptive families to be sure that all parties are eager to adopt. Occasionally, families have left the program due to divorce, death, family problems, pregnancy, various emergencies, or other personal issues. We do offer a unique nine-month freeze period to adoptive families who may be going through a difficult time in their lives for any reason. This option enables a family to take a break from the adoption process while not using any of their contracted time, and not losing any money.

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