As an adoptive family, what can we do to speed up the adoption process?

adoptive family adoption process makes for a happy baby
There are many variables in the waiting period. Among the most important is the emotional readiness of the adoptive parents. Be aware that on occasion, adoption can happen very quickly. Primarily you want to ask if you are indeed emotionally ready to welcome a child into their family right now.

In most Lifetime adoptions, the birth parents select the adoptive family from an adoption profile containing photos. This is a critical step in the adoption process. Families should be ready and open to receive our professional recommendations and make changes to their profiles and photos.

Families that are more receptive to adopting a child regardless of race will be quickest to match. They will be presented to more birth parents and have more opportunities to be chosen.

Being open to birth mother contact is another variable that can help a family match more quickly. More and more birth mothers are seeking families that are open to letters and photos, emails or even an annual visit in the form of a picnic or day at the beach with the child and the adoptive family. Adoptive parents should openly and honestly discuss what they are willing to commit to for future birth mother contact. Reading about and speaking with others about their open adoption will help.

In some cases, birth mothers will report usage of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, or narcotics prior to learning about the pregnancy. Thankfully, most women will stop using any of these substances once the pregnancy is a certainty. A few may continue substance usage throughout a pregnancy. Adoptive families should learn about the effects and risks of various substances and decide what they are open to considering.

Finally, simply follow the steps that we request of you as a Lifetime Family. There is not anything difficult, but families need to follow the proven program if they want to adopt safely and successfully. At times, families have started our program but failed to submit profiles, start their home study, or return our calls when presenting birth mother situations to them. Our program is proven to work, safe and successful, and has been working since 1986. We are proudly building families, but families need to also do their part as well in order to speed up the adoption process.

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