In domestic infant adoption, how old is the baby when we bring him or her home?

Parents look at a newborn baby they are adopting

A: It depends, but generally speaking, when adopting a newborn, the baby can be between 24 hours old to three days old.

Infant adoptions are very common. And in most cases of domestic infant adoptions, the baby will be discharged directly from the hospital to you — the adoptive family.

A few states require temporary cradle care before placing the baby with the adoptive family members.

Once you have been mutually matched with a birth mother, it is easy to learn about the requirements in her state. The staff at Lifetime Adoption can advise you on the details and specifics, including adoption costs and adoption fees. We can also discuss adoption plans for your private adoption.

We can also refer you to an adoption attorney if needed. They can provide further information about the law as it pertains to different types of adoption as well as adoption finalization.

Becoming A Parent

Parenthood is one of the most joyous experiences in life. We feel that it is important for adoptive parents to experience the child’s life from the very beginning. That means being there when the baby is born.

This is one of the advantages of a domestic infant adoption through Lifetime Adoption as compared with international adoptions. We do everything we can to be sure that you are designated as the parents of your child prior to the birth.

Adoption agencies throughout the United States are learning how much comfort an open adoption plan is for expectant mothers. Adoption professionals also understand that the waiting time to adopt a child can be a fruitful endeavor. This is because it allows time to put together a family profile. It also allows time to really understand the adoption process and post-placement procedures.

Infants Placed For Adoption

Every day at Lifetime Adoption, we get calls from birth parents looking for adoption information as well as couples seeking to adopt. Our job is to bring these two groups together to find loving homes for the children.

We strongly suggest that couples looking to adopt — as well as those who will be single parents — review the resources on our website. Then take a look at the Birth Parents Seeking Families page for information on many of our current birth mothers. There you will find many of the birth parents working with Lifetime in the process of open adoption.

Adoption Coordinator

As parents seeking an infant adoption, you will work directly with an experienced and caring adoption professional. In the meantime, your profile will have already been seen by a wide range of birth parents who meet your adoption criteria.

The relationship with your adoption coordinator is important. Your coordinator will keep you informed of available infant adoptions. Lifetime can also widen the number of available babies by changing or updating your preferences.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about the open adoption process. Contact Lifetime Adoption today. We look forward to working with you.

Lifetime’s program of open adoption is very successful at matching birth parents with adoptive parents. In fact, many of our birth parents are matched before they are even posted online.

Still, we suggest you check the Birth Parents page often, as it is updated regularly.

Finally, please keep in mind that only those families contracted with Lifetime Adoption will be presented as adoptive families to our birth mothers. We practice strict confidentiality; thus, we will not disclose information about birth mothers to non-contracted (or non-matching) families.

So if you’re thinking about adopting an infant and becoming a parent yourself, please do complete Lifetime’s free adoption application.

Lifetime Adoption: A Domestic Adoption Agency

Lifetime Adoption is a domestic adoption center founded in 1986. We work nationwide, with offices in both California and Florida. We provide monthly webinars with our waiting families that provide both support and referrals. Our goal is to bring birth parents and adoptive families together through our online platform. (We were the first adoption agency in the country to build an online adoption platform.)

Every month, Lifetime Adoption completes between eight and 15 open adoptions. Each member of our staff is caring, experienced, and enthusiastic about finding loving homes for the children whose futures have been entrusted to our program.

For birth parents, we provide counseling, support, referrals, and more. For these birth families who are making the loving choice to place their child for adoption, we work hard to find qualified and loving adoptive parents.

We work with birth parents and adoptive families throughout the United States. If you are a family looking to adopt an infant or a birth parent in need of adoption assistance, please get in touch with Lifetime by calling (727) 493-0933.

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If you’re thinking about becoming a parent through adoption, the first step is to complete Lifetime’s free application.

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