Will you help us prepare an adoption profile?

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Yes, we will help you with your adoption profile. The adoption profile is a combination of your letters and photos of your life as well as a video. This is the tool we use to present you to birth mothers. We will help you create an adoption profile by providing you with suggestions, tools for training, and samples of successful adoption profiles.

Your coordinator will work with you extensively to help you design and create the best profile possible. If you prefer, Lifetime can create your finished profile for you, with information and photos that you submit. Your coordinator may suggest that you update or make some changes to your adoption profile from time to time. These recommendations are not criticisms. Our experienced adoption coordinators listen to the birth mothers we are working with, and they notice what is getting their attention and what profiles they are responding to. Keep an open heart and open mind and make the adjustments they recommend.

We send all new Lifetime families samples of profiles that past Lifetime adoptive families have created towards a successful adoption. These samples will allow you to see what components your profile needs in order to be successful toward an adoption. In addition, these beautiful sample adoption profiles will inspire your creativity as you strive to make your profile a reflection of your family in a way that will make you stand out to birth mothers. You can also look online at our current adoptive family profiles.

Your profile gives birth mothers a glimpse into what kind of life their child can have. Be authentic and show who you are. You never know what will resonate with a birth mother. One birth mother chose a family because the adoptive father’s favorite candy bar was the same as hers. It caught her attention, and even though some of their preferences didn’t match up, she felt a connection, and once she got to know them, she knew they were the right family for her baby. Check out some of our birth mothers’ stories. Once you get your profile together, go back and look at it from the standpoint of a birth parent. If you were a birth parent, would your adoption profile appeal to you? If you have any hesitancy, ask your adoption coordinator for a critique.

One very important part of our service is that we host your personal adoption web page. This includes your profile, letters, and videos, and we will assist you in creating the text. We have a very creative and experienced web team that will provide you with assistance as you create your adoption web page using Lifetime’s exclusive Website Editor. Don’t worry! If you have technical or design issues or questions, our Lifetime team is here to assist you every step of the way.

We’re here to provide you with a full review of your website content, as well as suggestions based on Lifetime’s recipe for success in adoption. All of this is included for Lifetime families. Via your adoption website, you’re able to share your story with any women seeking families for their children and for medical professionals seeking help for their patients. Each family is given the opportunity to create a personalized adoption video for their adoption profile. You shoot the video and we edit it and get it online for you.

The Lifetime Adoption team is here to help you have a successful adoption journey. Your adoption coordinator will let you know what works well and what doesn’t and guide you towards a successful match with a birth mother.

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“The draft looks great. You did put a lot of work into this. Nowhere close to what we would have done even if we tried. It’s beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the final version. Thank you for all the support through this journey.”
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