Do all families who go through Lifetime adopt?

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All families who have remained in the program and followed our specific instructions have been offered a child to adopt. We work hard to help this happen sooner rather than later. As with any program, some families will drop out for various personal reasons.

Success often depends on how soon the adoptive family provides us with their adoption profiles and the quality of their profiles. Because of this, the process can move more quickly or sometimes more slowly. This doesn’t mean that one family is more desirable than another, but a match often depends on timing.

We have a proven method that works. When families take each step in Lifetime’s adoption process, success is reached. If one of the steps is not followed, it can delay the family in their adoption.

We are unable to accept all families that apply. We try to accept families that we feel are what our birth parents are seeking when they come to Lifetime. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the families we don’t accept, but by pure numbers and fairness to the other families, we must limit the amount of families we work with, allowing all families working with Lifetime an opportunity to adopt.

We offer a unique feature in our contract that allows families to “freeze” their adoption contract for up to 9 months for emergencies. Some families have chosen to freeze their contract for situations such as military deployment, a family illness, moving, or if they should become pregnant during the adoption process.

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