Adoption Services in West Virginia

Adoption in West Virginia can be difficult. Living away from a large city can make finding the right adoption agency very hard. You may even have to cross state lines to get an adoption agency that can help you. Lifetime Adoption is here to make all of those troubles go away. We love working with birth parents and adoptive parents in the Mountain State. Call us to learn more about how we can help with your adoption in West Virginia.
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Birth Mothers Making Great Decisions

Sometimes, the best decision for your baby is the hardest. Choosing adoption means living away from your baby, but it can also mean that he or she has an excellent future in store. Our adoptive parents are located in West Virginia, throughout Appalachia and beyond. You can choose adoptive parents that are near so you can have regular visits. You may prefer the baby to live with a family in a different part of the country. Whatever decision you make, we can help you through the WV adoption process.
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Open Adoptions in West Virginia

An open adoption in West Virginia allows birth parents to have continuous contact with the baby after he or she is adopted. The scope of the open adoption is entirely up to you. As the birth mother, you may want to be able to visit your child a few times each year. Most of the adoptive parents who are contracted with Lifetime Adoption are open to meeting with you as often as you like. The number and type of these visits will be determined before the adoption takes place.

Open adoption sometimes does not include visits. If you would rather have an adoption that allows you to communicate with the child through letters, emails and phone calls, that can be arranged. We also work with birth parents who simply want to remain updated on the child’s progress. You may want photos of the baby, but no direct contact. All of these choices are yours.
Lifetime Adoption works with pregnant mothers as well as parents of older children. Regardless of your child’s age, we will do our best to help you find the right adoptive parents.
Baby Adoption Services in West Virginia

Adopting in West Virginia

Parents considering adoption in West Virginia can contact Lifetime Adoptions to learn more about our adoption process. We have over 30 years of experience working with adoptive families. In that time, we have learned how to help the adoption process run smoothly and easily for everyone involved. While most of our adoptions are open adoptions, we also work with families who prefer closed adoptions. We can also place you with birth parents who are located nearby or throughout the United States.
Call Lifetime Adoption to learn more about our services. We also urge you to complete our free online application so you can get started with the WV adoption process right away.


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