Libby Denniston

Libby and Heather Libby has worked in several roles as part of Lifetime’s team since 2005. She brings her background in graphic design and communications to serve adoptive parents as part of the profile team, create resources for birth mothers and adoption outreach, coordinate support or training webinars, and more.

Libby loves storytelling and helping adoptive families bring out their best in their adoption website and profiles. She also has a huge heart for encouraging hopeful adoptive parents and mothers choosing adoption, as they each move through the very emotional and meaningful experience of the adoption process.

“The adoption journey brings together two sides, who probably never imagined being on the paths they’ve been on, to create a new path through the future of a child. I’ve seen how open adoption can truly grow a family, beyond the addition of a child. The love between adoptive parents and their child’s birth mother or biological family is so special and unique.”


What’s your favorite thing about working at Lifetime?

Being part of a team that truly cares about the people we’re serving. We depend on each other to make Lifetime work! There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of every case, so we must be gelled and there for each other through each step.

What’s one of your favorite Lifetime memories?

There are so many sweet stories I can think of! Most recently, one of my very first “Lifetime babies” turned 18 and became a Marine. When his adoptive mom sent me photos of their young man, newly enlisted, I choked up with pride and prayed he’d be safe, honorable, and courageous in this amazing call to serve in the military. It’s a humbling thing to be a part of how his story began and to get a peek into who he’s becoming as his own individual. Also, getting to be a part of a special BraveLove video with Adrianne, a birth mother I helped in my early years at Lifetime, will always be a special treasure to me.

What’s one thing you’ve learned while at Lifetime?

Even with access to so much information, most people still do not really know what adoption is like today. It’s become a passion to help people understand that it’s not just about the babies, or the adoptive parents or birth mother. Adoption isn’t a choice anyone enters into lightly or without heart. Even among medical professionals and in the church, there’s often a misunderstanding of “who” comes to adoption or why.

As a Christian, I can see God’s thread of redemption, life, and hope woven into each adoption story. It’s so important for anyone to know the truth about modern-day adoption, so they can decide for themselves what they think about it or be a help to someone who may need the option. Being a part of creating training and resources to help others see what we see at Lifetime, how adoption CAN be for moms, hopeful families, and children raised through adoption, is something I will always be proud of.

Andrew and Libby

What are you into outside of Lifetime?

I love time with my husband, having Tex-Mex date nights, singing along at church, playing with our dog, or going to our niece and nephew’s soccer games.

I enjoy anything creative, such as watercolor painting, cooking, baking, or gardening (I even like yard work!).

Family and friends are so important to me too, and I love sending handmade note cards to my people.

My faith is a huge part of who I am and how I serve others through Lifetime. I know God continues to use things I’ve been through to relate to or help those who cross my path in this work.

I found Lifetime, and chatted with Libby, in the middle of the night, and she was all there for me. Our sweet son was born late and, again, there was Libby, available to chat and talk us through it. Early and late…a Lifetime staff member has been there. The Lifetime team dedication is LEGIT! Libby Denniston, It was the scariest and best night of our lives. I’m so glad you were there to help calm my crazy!! 
Christine W.

Hi. I just wanted to thank Libby(my coordinator) so much for all she did in helping me to get through my adoption. If it wasn’t for her then I don’t know the situation that I would be in now, but thanks a lot.

Birth Mom

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