Mardie Caldwell with her adopted son

When I first started my adoption journey, I wanted a white stork to just drop the baby off on my doorstep. I wanted to see him or her in a Victorian wicker basket swaddled in a pastel pink or blue blanket. I imagined opening the door, gazing down on my precious heir and with one fell swoop parenthood would begin.

After years dealing with infertility and several pregnancy losses, I desperately wanted a break, something easy that would bring me into parenthood. As usual, I discovered that adoption is not always easy; however, the rewards are great for the informed and caring. After speaking to other adoptive parents and reading some informative books on open adoption, I had a new awareness of the value of openness.

We eventually adopted a beautiful little boy at five weeks, after a long, drawn out and difficult adoption. But, even after the heartache and pain, I still believed that my son deserved to know about his birth parents and that his adoption was to be celebrated. For without my son’s beloved birth mother, I would not be a mother myself.

We both deeply loved the same child and wanted the best for his life. The love and courage his birth mother had to give my son and I allowed me to feel some of the pain of loss and heartbreak that she and most birth mothers quite naturally experience.

This information was excerpted from a book written by Lifetime Adoption’s Founder Mardie Caldwell, AdoptingOnline.com. To learn more about how you can adopt a baby or child, please give Lifetime Adoption a call: (530) 432-7373 or visit www.LifetimeAdoption.com.

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