Hi Lifetime Family!

We have been busy putting together our profiles. We even hired a professional photographer to take pictures for the albums! Birth parents can see just how much fun we have together and the kind of life we could give their baby. Everything turned out great and we hope our sincerity shines through.

Is it possible to check on how many of our profiles are being sent out? Can we find out how many birth moms have reviewed our information? We are just so excited and want to know if there is any progress.


John and Katy


Dear John and Katy,

We have learned, from our many years of experience, it creates too much anxiety for waiting families to know every time we send out their profiles. They tend to wait around and put life on hold to see if the birth mother will call.

If thirty profiles are sent out and there are no calls, families start to doubt themselves. They wonder why they are not being chosen. It really has nothing to do with being good enough: it has to do with being the right match for that particular birth mother!

If your profiles are running low, we will certainly let you know. We will contact you right away to refill your supply. You can use this opportunity to make updates to reflect any changes in your family.

Have confidence in your coordinator! She is doing everything she can to assure that you are matched with the right birth mother. After all, this is a relationship that will last a very long time. Both the families and the birth parents have to feel comfortable with each other. They need to be in complete agreement over all the aspects of the adoption and level of contact, afterwards.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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