PicMonkey_CollageAt Lifetime, we love to get the news from adoptive couples that they’ve finalized their child’s adoption. Darryl and Melissa recently emailed their Coordinator Amy that their daughter Eligia’s adoption was finalized in court:

“Good morning, Amy!

I wanted to let you, and all the wonderful people at Lifetime that we have finalized Eligia’s adoption!

The photo seen on the top right here is Darryl, Melissa, Eligia, and Eligia’s birth mother with the judge after finalization – she had a gift for Eligia as well as anyone else who wanted to remember the day!

The photo on the bottom right is Eligia and her birth mother after finalization. Her birth mother’s nickname for Eligia is “Goose.” So, the birth mother’s gift from the judge was a beanie baby goose, so she let her goose play with her “goose” after the proceedings.

We are so thankful to you for your help in completing our family. Eligia is a happy, healthy, delightful baby girl, who is a favorite and a head-turner everywhere we go. Though I have been mistaken as “grandma” due to my age, I have also been told how she looks just like us! She is the one that was missing in our family for all those years.

-Darryl and Melissa”

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