holding_hands.jpgIt touches our hearts to know how families often find perspective along a path to adoption. We are excited to see where each family’s story will lead them! It’s encouraging for our staff to know how we help in all stages of a family’s journey. Here’s a note we recently received from an adoptive couple in the waiting stage of their adoption:

“Thank you for being there to support us on this journey. When we started with Lifetime, we didn’t know how blessed we were to find you. You all have allowed us to have the peace of mind that we will become parents in God’s time. It wasn’t until we found Lifetime that we surrendered trying to take control and make the miracle of a child happen.

We now trust in God’s plan, knowing that you all are there working for us, our child, and the birth mom. It has also given us the time to focus on preparing our home, lives, and hearts more fully for our future child. The love and encouragement that you all have given us is invaluable. I hope you know that we love and appreciate you and you’ll remain in our hearts.

We’ll enjoy this wonderful summer, and the beautiful sunny days it brings. After all, each day is one day closer to meeting our child!

-Matt and Julia”

Lifetime is here to help adoptive families through all stages of their adoption journey, even the difficult steps of getting ready to adopt and through the waiting process.


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