How Do I Know My Baby Will Be Safe With The Adoptive Couple?

baby safe with adoptive parents
Picking the perfect adoptive family for your baby might seem complicated. When you browse the adoptive parent websites, they might all look nice and friendly and say things that you like. But, you may be wondering, “How do I know the adoptive families would be good parents? How do I know that my baby will be safe with the adoptive couple?”

In order to adopt, every hopeful adoptive parent must go through some pretty serious screening and background checks. We hope that by reading the info about how they’re screened, you can see that your baby will be safe!

How are Adoptive Parents Evaluated?
Each hopeful adoptive couple has to be screened an evaluated by an independent professional. This person doesn’t work for Lifetime, so they’re not biased. Adoption background checks and in-depth screenings are conducted, and the couple is required to have a social worker visit their home. The social worker is doing what’s called a “home study:” checking their house to make sure it would a safe place for a child. This social worker also interviews and questions the adoptive couple to make sure they’re fit to be parents.

The hopeful adoptive couple has to pass criminal background checks, prove their income, and get a physical from a doctor. The purpose of the physical is to make sure the couple is healthy enough to parent.

Here’s a list of the evaluations that every adoptive parent goes through:

  • Background checks
  • Medical history
  • Several interviews with each hopeful adoptive parent
  • Questions to find out information such as their discipline practices, and how stable their relationship is
  • Criminal record, child abuse, and FBI clearances
  • Physical exams
  • Personal references
  • A tour of their home and neighborhood
  • Income tax records

By looking at all of these evaluations, Lifetime knows that every adoptive couple has good morals, is financially secure, and is in a stable marriage. As you can tell, Lifetime’s adoptive families have to pass an intense screening process.

Even after your baby has gone home with the adoptive couple, they’re still being screened. The social worker will stop by the couple’s home to conduct follow-up visits and interviews. By doing so, they’re able to ensure that your child is flourishing. And with open adoption, you can see your child as they grow up. Phone conversations, visits, pictures, and updates are an essential part of open adoptions.

Since 1986, Lifetime has worked with thousands of adoptive families, birth parents, and children. In that time, we’ve kept the highest level of standards for the adoptive parents. When you choose a Lifetime adoptive family, you can be sure your baby is going into a safe, loving home.


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